Thursday, January 12, 2012


Tuesday cannot get here fast enough!!

We are going to the doctor appointment to see baby girl!!!!  We are so fortunate that the birthmom is letting us go with her!!  God is amazing!!

Josh is going and so is my mom!! :)  It makes this experience even more meaningful than it already is (if that is possible) that we can be included in everything! 

For those of you that are curious...We are naming our sweet baby girl...


Josh and I have always loved this name and said when we had a baby girl we were going to name her that.  We talked it over with the birthmom and she said that Grace has a special meaning to her so we think it is perfect! 

Please continue to pray over all of us!  We cannot wait to see the ultrasound and see that sweet baby girl moving around!! :)


Cassie said...

That is amazing news!! Congratulations :)
You guys chose a beautiful name, my nieces middle name is Faith.
I know you much be psyched about the ultrasound! Have fun !!

Chrissi Jenkins said...

So happy for you guys, Nicole!!! When is baby girl due??

Nicole said...

Thanks Cassie!!!! We are so excited about the ultrasound!

Chrissi - Thank you so much!! Her first appointment that we went to with no ultrasound they said May 15th, but according to the measurements on the ultrasound they are saying June 11th. I don't really understand how all that works!! :)