Thursday, December 29, 2011

Number 2

This is totally random...I've been meaning to write about this but I keep forgetting.  If you don't have children you may want to stop reading.  If you are about to have a child keep reading for your pleasure on what may or may not happen in the future. 

Are you still reading?  Just remember I warned you. 

Josiah loves McDonalds.  He asks numerous days of the week if he can go.  I tried to take him maybe once a week.  Well, it never fails every time we go he poops in the tunnels. (i told you, you should have stopped up there!)  I mean every time.  He can poop three times before we go and he still poops while we are there.  I mean seriously...its crazy.  I think if he is ever constipated I will take him there because it will definitely work like magic.  I'm not sure what it is but it never fails. 

We are potty training again...but thankfully I think we are successful. 

With that being said...I still put a diaper on him when we go because I'm afraid.  Afraid of what might happen if he doesn't have a diaper on. 

My mom has been off for the past week and a half and she has been keeping Josiah while I work.  Well, I don't think she got the memo.  You know the one,  put-a-diaper-on-Josiah-when-you-go-to-McDonalds memo.  Apparently he came down the slide and he had peed while he was in the tunnels.  So the awesome Granny that she is climbed up into the tubes to clean it.  Can you imagine a Granny crawling up the little stairs in the tunnels?  Wow it made me LOL.  Thank goodness it wasn't number two.  P.S.  My mom said the tunnels are absolutely disgusting. 

Sorry if you are still reading.  I just had to tell someone! 

Hoping to have time to post Christmas pictures soon but I am working on a Bachelorette party for Lindsay so it may be a little while!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!!  We sure did!  I will tell you all about it soon! 

We also have some very exciting news to share...more on that this week!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ok I have not only been slacking on posting about the advent calendar, but I am also behind on actually doing our advent calendar activities.  Life is busy.  I love it, but I haven't been able to do much else besides, shopping, baking, and trying to keep Josiah from seeing his Christmas presents!  I am looking forward to this week.  Josh took Friday off so hopefully the three of us can spend sometime with each other before life gets busier! 

Christmas Eve we hang out with Josh's side of the family all day long!  I can't wait for Josiah to be with his cousins!  He always has such a fun time.

Christmas morning my parents come over here and we do Santa.  We then rush to my Aunt and Uncle's for breakfast at 9:00.  Hopefully Josiah will get a nap after that and then we have lunch at my mom's with her side of the family at 2:00. 

I always love Christmas but I am even more excited this year!  Josiah is understanding more and gets so excited over the smallest things!  I love when he screams from excitement and jumps up and down!!  It truly makes me the happiest person alive!

I don't know how much time I will have to blog so I hope everyone has a great Christmas!  Maybe I can get another post done before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The other day I went to the Dollar Tree.  I haven't been there in forever and thought it would be fun to find some cute Christmas stuff!  I told Josiah we were going and he said YEAH!  My aunt asked him if he knew what they had at the Dollar Tree and he said, "Um...trees!"  The way he said it reminded me of a kid saying "trees, DUH!"

Josiah brought some stuff home from MDO the other day.  It was a picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  I asked Josiah who that was when I pointed to Jesus and he said, "baby Jesus!".  It made me and Josh so proud!  I love that he goes to MDO at a Church!

This one I'm not so proud of.  We were at Walmart last night and we were walking by some people.  There was a man that looking a little scary and Josiah said, "mom, me no like him".  I proceeded to tell him that he could think that but he shouldn't say it out loud because it wasn't nice.  Well..then we walked by a lady and he said, "mom, me no like HIM".  I was totally embarrassed.  I don't think she heard him but it still embarrassed me.  I know that won't be the last thing he does to embarrass me but I don't think I am ready for that yet!!! :)

I think I shared this one before but he still does it and I think it is funny.  We say our prayers every night and his is the same every night.  He says, "God is good, God is Great, thank you for food.  Amen" And he says it as loud as he can.  When we say the blessing at dinner we always say the one that says "God is good, God is Great, thank you for this food...."


i woke up

I woke up grumpy.

Went to bed @12. Josiah woke up @2:30 for an unknown reason. And my alarm went off @5:45. Then I thought....
I woke up.
I woke up next to my perfect guy.
I took a warm shower. (Didn't want to get out of it tho)
I get to see the sweetest smile on Josiah's face when he wakes up.
I have a job to go to that I can work just about whenever I can.
I have a God that watches over me and my family Zand he blessed me with another day!!

I am no longer grumpy!! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


What kid doesn't LOVE the little people in Old Navy???  Josiah likes to button and zip up their clothes.  It is too funny!  He also likes to pull on the dogs tail, since he known he can't do it to Mali and Harleigh at home.  Every time we go into Old Navy he has to hang out with his mannequin peeps!


Josiah LOVES trains!  We really wanted to get him a train to go under the Christmas tree but decided we would wait.  Well.....Josh's Aunt Tammy had one that she wasn't putting out this year and gave it to Josiah!!  He has been having so much fun with it.  It goes around the track playing Christmas songs!  He has played with it so much that we haven't even put it under the tree yet, because we are afraid he will knock over the tree.  So, for now it is in the middle of the floor! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cute Baby Shower Gift

Rachel had one of her family baby showers this weekend!!  I have been to so many baby/wedding showers lately I decided to be a little creative.  Well, I stole the idea, but its still cute!!!  I got this idea from here.  Check it out..there is a free printout of it!

I bought a whole bunch of stuff that I thought she would need in the hospital.  Here are some of the ideas:

Her favorite kind of chips
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Hand Sanitizer
Really anything from the travel section
I would have bought magazines for her and Bryan to read but baby Mady isn't due for a few months so they wouldn't be fun to read 2 month old magazines!!!

I loved this idea and plan on using it again!  Go over to the website and check it out!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day #9, #10, & #11

Day #9 - Watch a movie and eat popcorn!  We let Josiah pick out a movie and he decided to watch The Polar Express.  This is one of his favorite movies right now!  Josh eats popcorn with slices of cheese.  I know kinda weird, but its something his dad showed him and he showed Josiah that night!  I was surprised Josiah liked it but he told me it was his fave!

Day #10 - Go make the train at Lowes.  Josh had to help his brother with something on Saturday so I took Josiah to build his train!  It was actually really fun!  I can't wait till next Saturday, we finish up the train and Santa will be there!

Day #11 - We were supposed to go look at lights at one of the Church's here but I didn't realize they didn't do it on Sunday's so instead we called GaGa and Pop-pop to go look at Christmas lights around town!  Here we are hanging out in the car!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day #5,6,7 & 8

I am getting way behind on our Advent Calendar Post so I wanted to catch up.  I don't have pictures for everything but here goes:

Day #5 - Color a Christmas Picture (I googled Mickey Mouse Christmas printouts)
Day #6 - Make hot chocolate (I am going to post more about this...we haven't done it yet, Josh wanted to be home when we did it and he had to work late this week!)

Day #7 - Pancake day!!

Day #8 - Check under your pillow for a surprise!! (I got this really cool lollipop and some money to put in his piggy bank!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent #4

Day #4 was to make a Christmas Wish List.  Josiah has told me a ton of times what he wanted Santa to bring him, but I wanted to write it all down so I could keep it.  I just googled free download Christmas List and found one that I liked.  I wish I would have saved the link so I could share..but I can't find it!

Sleeping and Hello Kitty

Josiah still dislikes sleeping in his room at night for some reason.  He has been doing a lot better, but he always asks us to come back in 2,478 times before he goes to bed.  This particular night he only asked us to come in there 2 times and then he was quiet.  I thought he was sleeping so I went back there to cover him up and this is what I found.  He had fallen asleep in the hallway.  It was so funny to me!!!  (sorry if you are a fb friend you already saw this!)

We went to Atlanta on Sunday to go to my doctor's appointment and Josiah does really good on the 6 hour drive.  We usually stop one time at McDonald's so he can play and stretch a little.  He got a Kids' Meal and he wanted the "kitty cat" toys.  I couldn't tell him NO so here he is playing with his girly McDonald's toys!  I don't blame him..who doesn't like Hello Kitty!? 

Another thing I realized when getting a Kids' Meal is that they now serve smaller fries (the packaging is too cute) and they also give apples!  I think that is such a great idea!!!!  Josiah loves french fries and apples so it is perfect for him! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Day #3

Saturday Josiah picked his number off the Advent Calendar and it said Go see SANTA!!!!  He was so excited!  We have been asking him for about a week if he was going to sit on Santa's lap and he kept telling us YES!  So we would ask him what he was going to tell him.  Saturday morning I had a brunch wedding shower for Jordan.  It was so cute!  While I was there Josh was taking Josiah to Lowes to find some stuff for a Christmas present.  When they got there a lady asked if they were there to build a train.  Josh didn't know anything about that but he decided it was perfect for him and Josiah to do.  Josiah loves trains and he loves tools so he had a blast. 

Here is Josiah at Lowes working on his train.  They are doing this for the next 3 weeks for the kids.  Josh has somewhere to go this Saturday so I will be taking him.  Josh swears it is easy..but we will see!!!

After Josiah's nap we headed to go see Santa at the Mall!  He had this cute shirt from Wendi that said Santa's little helper and had a tool belt on the bottom.  This was before we left our house. 

This was him in line waiting to sit on Santa's lap.  He was so excited!!!! 

I don't have the actual picture from him sitting on Santa's lap because we are using it on our Christmas cards but I will post it later!  He did really good!  He told Santa he wanted a fire truck. I thought he was going to cry for one second but then he was okay!  

After Santa we went over to Josh's Aunt Tammy's house and baked some goodies with her and Micah.   

Me and Micah...

Josiah and Micah...Can you tell he loves her?!

I'm hoping to get caught up with my post about the rest of the 4 days on our Calendar.  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.  I don't about where you are but it is quite chilly here today so we are staying inside!  Josiah is helping me clean and we are watching movies - his favorites right now that we watch over and over and over are Polar Express and Finding Nemo!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How do you like your taters?

Radom I know...but I love mash potatoes.  My mom used to make homeade ones that were delicious but I have never been able to make them like her.  I could never decide how many to cook for just Josh and I and I always had way too many leftover...that is if I didn't make them too mushy and they didn't go in the trash.  I quit making them all together.  I have tried everything. Even the powder.  But I do NOT like them  Don't get me wrong..I am not too good for the powder, I just can't do it for some reason.  

Anyway, to get to my point of this post...We ate at Josh's aunt's house the other night and man I fell in love!  These are so easy to cook and they taste sooooo good!  They take 10 minutes in the microwave and you add some milk and butter and HELLO homeade tasting mash potatoes!  AND they are the perfect amount.
Ok..sorry I just wanted to share.  We had some leftover and I just got through eating some! 

Advent Day #2

Today Josiah got to play with playdough!  We haven't ever played with it at the house but he says he plays with it at "school" all the tiime.  I say a recipe on Pinterest and made some last night.  It was extremely easy!!  Here are a few pictures..

See below for Day #1

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st


I decided to try something new this year and make an Advent Calendar for Josiah since he is older!  I got some of the ideas off Pinterest, but most of them you had to go purchase a lot of supplies..and WELL I am cheap, so I used what I had around the house and paid nothing for it! 

This morning Josiah got to take #1 off.  On the back fo each number I have an activity that we will do that day.  Today was one of Josiah's favorite things....He loves to make coffee with daddy.  So they made coffee while listening to Christmas music!!!

I'm hoping to post everyday about what we did for the advent calendar!

Rach's Shower Part 2

Here are some pictures of Rach's shower.  She is doing Madylin's room in damask and pink so we thought we would do her shower in the same colors.  It turned out so cute!!!!

I found this cute idea on my favorite website Pinterest.  The guests fill out this wishing list for the baby and you hang it on the tree and then give it to the mom-to-be for a keepsake!  Click here for the pinterest site.

These are the glasses that we used. We (Josh and Jaime) drank a whole bunch of Starbucks so we could use the glasses for the shower!


This was the sign above the water bottles

In the invitations we asked everyone to bring a book.  We put this in front of the book basket.

Delicious cupcakes from Sam's!

One of the table decorations.  

Madylin's name blocks

I didnt' get any pictures of the food but we had:
Spinach Dip
Chicken Salad with Crescent Rolls - Sam's
Fruit Kabobs
Pigs -n- a blanket - Sam's
Cupcakes - Sam's
White Chocolate Covered Oreos
Cream Puffs - Sam's

 I canNOT wait to meet lil Miss. Madylin!!