Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park and House

I have had no time to post anything SORRY guys! Don't be too disappointed-- I have no pictures! :(

I haven't even sat on the computer in I don't know how long (well..I have at work ALL day long, but I haven't had time to play on my computer at home.) Josh is at a dinner meeting and I just got done eating dinner myself (8:05p.m.) I hate eating this late but what is a girl to do when she is home by herself with a little one?

Today has been a pretty good day! I got up and got ready and then played with Josiah for a little bit. I took him to his Grandpa Ray's (my uncle) and then headed into work around 8:30. I usually don't work past 2:30 but we were super busy. I got to my Uncle's to pick up Josiah at 4. I decided to do something different then just going back to the house (it gets old and Josiah has been throwing some major fits lately). I picked him up and we went straight to our new neighborhood to play at the park! Josiah had sooo much fun! :) It was a relief to just have some fun with my favorite little guy!

On other news......I went to our house and it is getting so close to being finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT wait! They have painted, put the kitchen and bathroom flooring down, put the cabinets up and are about to put the counter tops on! It looks absolutely beautiful! Only 24 more days or less!

I am going to sit down and do NOTHING for a few minutes before it's time to get ready for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I need a drink....that is if I drank......

Today has been one of those days...I don't drink, but tonight I could use something strong! Since I don't drink though I am going to eat a big ol' bowl of ice cream!

Josiah hasn't been feeling good yesterday or today. I went to work yesterday and then picked Josiah up from my Uncle's around 2:30. He felt a little warm but nothing too bad. I came home and checked his temp and it said 102. I called the doctor and they just blew it off and said that it was no big deal just to keep an eye on him.

Well, this morning when he woke up it was 103.5. I called our doctor's office and got him an appointment and they said he had a viral infection AGAIN (he just had it a few weeks ago). He seemed to be feeling a little bit better when we got home so I decided to go into work for a few hours. I got home and put Josiah down for his afternoon nap. He slept for 2 1/2 hours and when he woke up he was extremely fussy and very hot. I checked his temp and it was 105.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I had a mild heart attack. My mom had just walked in the door so I gave Josiah to her and called the doctor's office and they told me to put him in the bath. I was determined that this wouldn't bring it down (I've heard of doing this, but I was a little freaked out about it being so high)but the lady talked me into it. So I got him in the tub and he cried the whole entire time. :( It did bring his temp down to 102. He started playing, laughing, and acting like he felt better! He still had a temp when he went down but we gave him some Motrin. Josiah usually falls asleep as soon as we put him in his crib but tonight he was crying so Josh is in there rocking him as I type this! Being a mom at times like this is very hard. It breaks my heart! I hope he feels better soon! I don't want him to go through that ever AGAIN.

Good night...I'm going to eat that bowl of ice cream I was talking about earlier.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to work

Friday night Josh and I went to Ono Island with a bunch of our friends! This is the first night we actually went off somewhere and left Josiah behind! I missed him a lot but we had such a good time! This is the back of the house that we stayed at....it was gorgeous!
This was the view we looked at when we woke up.....I could definitely wake up to that every morning! We got up and rode the jet ski and had such a good time with our friends.

Josiah's aunt Wendi bought him a vacuum cleaner since he isn't aloud to play with the real one anymore. He loves it!

Josiah will just walk around "singing". It is the cutest thing ever...

I love him....

He also found this plastic container to play in.....

We had a wonderful weekend, but it went by way to quickly, especially when I had to be at work on Monday. My aunt offered me a temporary job at the school board for a few weeks. I will just be working part time. I haven't worked in a year and it was a little painful waking up at 5:45 this morning but I got off at 11:15 so I can't complain too much! It's a little extra cash that can go towards our house since we will be closing in hopefully a month!
I really enjoyed working today, but I missed Josiah so much! I wish I could be in two places at one time. I hate not contributed to our bank accountant but I love being home with Josiah. I would much rather be with Josiah so I will work part time for the next few weeks and go back to work when he starts school.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap UP

Friday Lindsay had a jewelry party at her place. So I went over there and hung out for a little while and looked at pretty jewelry. After that, I came home and hung out with my man! We just sat around and got caught up on Big Brother.

Saturday mom and I got up and ran to Belk and JC Penny's to shop real quick. Mom and Dad were going out to lunch and I had to be at Josh's parent's for lunch so we had to hurry. I hate it when you want to buy something and you can't find ANYTHING. I ended up finding 3 shirts for $35!

I rushed home to pick up Josh and Josiah and we all went to the in-laws for Josh's brother's birthday. We had sausage sandwiches, they were pretty good! :) Josiah loves to watch his two older cousins play! We left there around 3:30 came home put Josiah down for a nap and then started to get ready for another birthday party!

Rachel turned the big 2-6!!! We went to the Oar House for dinner! We ended up having 26 people. What can I say -- everyone loves Rach! :) It was a great time with great people! After we ate we headed to Seville, which is always interesting..... The birthday girl and Bryan
Rach and Ashley
Jaime and Brad

Brandon and Jordan

Amber and Rach

Chris and Lindsay

Lindsay and Rach

Heather, Rach, and Crystal

Rachel and Wendi

Cooper, Rach and Amber

Crystal and me

Rach and me

Jaime and Rach
Sunday we were super lazy. We cleaned a little, played in the pool and just relaxed. Sunday afternoon we went over to my aunt and uncle's and had a delicious dinner!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I can't wait till the next one! We are headed to a beach house with friends!

Josiah LOVES.......

Josiah is feeling better and I feel like the blog has been a little neglected. I decided to post a ton of pictures of the things Josiah loves.....
He loves.......
......The dogs. We have 2 dogs and mom and dad have 1 and Josiah loves to play with them. They do not always feel the same way, except when Josiah has food!


.....his "go" (wagon)

......his tonka cars

.....his big car

.....his cousins

....his truck

.....vacuuming with Granny! Is he spoiled or what? I wouldn't say he loves the vacuum more like he is OBSESSED with the vacuum. So much that we have to hide it in different places everyday. Sad I know!

....one of my favorite. He is now starting to love his books!
Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I will post some pictures of our busy weekend later today!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sick little boy :(

Yesterday Josiah woke up and he had a fever of 100. I didn't think too much of it because he was still running around and wanting to go outside. He was a little fussy but I thought maybe his teeth were bothering him. I checked his temp in the afternoon and it was 101. I started to get a little worried so I called his doctor's office and they said just to keep an eye on him and to call back if it got worse. I gave him some Tylenol before he went to bed and even went and check his temp while he was sleeping. He seemed to be doing ok.

He slept through the night and then when he woke up this morning and I picked him up out of his crib he was burning up. I quickly found the thermometer and it said 102.7! I started freaking out. I gave him some Tylenol and waited till 7:45 to call the doctor's office. They told me to come on in at 9:00. I got there at 8:45 and they got my right back. As soon as I sat Josiah on the scale his started screaming bloody murder (I guess he remembered that he was there last week and they had given him 3 shots!) I felt so bad for him. He finally settled down after the nurse left the room. Then the doc came in and Josiah started screaming all over again. The doctor checked him out and said that his throat was very red and that they would check for strep throat. Luckily the test came back negative, but he still has a viral infection. There is nothing we can give him besides Tylenol. I feel horrible that I can't make him feel better. The doctor said that it could take up to 4 days for him to feel 100% :( He is still running around playing, but you can tell in his eyes that he just doesn't feel good. I hope he feels better soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Is it bad that I let Josiah play with a vacuum because it is 110 outside?!?!
Working so hard he needed a drink break
Josiah loves to be outside! I love that about him, but it has just been way to hot lately. He has started throwing temper tantrums when I don't let him out so I have been trying to come up with some fun things to do inside. They haven't been working :( . He found the vacuum and started playing with it so I let him! I know it won't last for long so i'm trying to come up with some more ideas. I think we may try for swimming today!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I got home from Atlanta late Thursday night and I am enjoying being back with my family! I will post some pictures and an update soon! :)