Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Study was APPROVED!

So I haven't posted in almost 3 months! We have been very busy with the adoption process, we are a lot closer, but we are STILL WAITING! We finished our scrapbooks for the birth moms - which look absolutely amazing! I am so proud of them and very thankful that Lisa and Andrea helped me.

On Monday May 11th I received an email, while volunteering at Church, that said that Stacy wanted to do our home study either Tuesday or Friday. I chose Friday because I knew I had tons of cleaning to do. So I went home Monday night and started cleaning and I don't think I quit until right before Stacy pulled up the house on that Friday! My house had never looked that clean!! NEVER! The home visit went rather well and it was nothing like the horror stories that I had heard from other people. She just looked around the house, asked us a few questions and she was out the door an hour and a half later! What a relief it was to have this done! Josh and I then received an email on the following Monday that they went ahead and approved our home study (YAY), but we were still waiting on 2 pieces of paper. Which we still have not received. I cannot believe these two pieces of paper are keeping us from being shown to birth parents. But, I try to keep reminding myself that God has a special child picked out for Josh and I and the baby is not ready yet so that is why we haven't received these papers yet! I started calling the State of Georgia which are suppose to have these papers, but I have not had a call back --which does not surprise me at all! So as soon as we receive them, the agency will place our profiles online and they can show our scrapbooks!

So in the meantime, Josh and I are just tyring to prepare as much as possible. Even though it is very hard to prepare when you don't know when the baby will arrive or the gender of the baby! But in the end it will all work out! We are just so blessed to have the opportunity to adopt and can't wait to see what God has in store! Please just keep us, the birthparents, and the baby in your prayers! Thanks!

Here is a picture of me with our new stroller/car seat that we just bought! I love it!