Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love being able to stay home with Josiah so I don't miss these funny little moments! Check out the video. If you are my friend on facebook you have probably already seen this!

He is hilarious!!!

I Apoligize sorry about my venting yesterday! I am doing a little better today!

I went this morning to get a Florida driver's license and car tag....that put a damper on my wallet...but it needed to be done!
I don't have anything Super exciting to write about today so I thought I would show this....
Josiah last year on our way to the pumpkin patch in GA

Josiah at the Pumpkin patch this year!

(I think they were making funny noises with their mouths)

He has gotten HUGE! I love seeing him learn new things, but it makes me a little sad to see him grow up soooo fast!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Horrible Day

I woke up this morning to Harleigh, our dog barking. I didn't think anything of it so I continued to lay in the bed.

Josiah woke up around 7:15. I fixed him breakfast and we played in the house. Around 9:00 Josiah wanted to go outside like every other day. We walked out side and I realized that my Halloween sign on the front porch had fallen down and our pumpkin looked a little smashed. I thought it was kind of weird that our sign had fallen down because no wind blows on our porch, but I kept walking and then BAM...



I was a little I ran in the house and called Josh. He told me to call the cops. I called the cops and then went back outside and realized that whoever broke into my car stole my brand new Vera Bradley bag that I just got for my birthday. I didn't have anything in it...It wasn't exactly what I wanted so I was going to take it back today. One thing I do find funny is that the thieves thought that they were getting a purse with stuff in it...but nope it had nothing in it losers!

Anyway, the cop came, my dad came, and Josh came. The cop wrote up and report and told us that there were 5 other break ins throughout the neighborhood.

This neighborhood is suppose to be safe. I am so mad. If you want money...ask me..I'll probably give it to you but don't bust my window and take my stuff.. that is just wrong.

The cop started to leave and we realized that they also took our GPS...
There was a $25 Walmart GC in there and they didn't touch had $0 on it but they didn't know that.

Anyway...I was very scared....for them to mess up my sign on the door they were close to entering my house. I'm so thankful that they didn't. But they have messed with the wrong chick...We are getting a security system put in ASAP.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Friday night me and some of the girls went to Gallery Night downtown. Here is Jaime (and Carter), me, Lindsay and Rach! After hanging out downtown we met up with the men and went out to the beach to eat at Hemmingways. Me and my love:

Saturday night Josh and I were going to go out to eat for my birthday, but I decided that I would rather go to the movies and get some ice cream from Marble Slab. We went and saw "Life as We Know It" So cute! Here we are heading out to the movies...I LOVE THIS MAN!

Yes we let our son lay on the counter...with supervision! HA..

Sunday we got up and went and got breakfast from Whataburger. Josh and Josiah played outside while I cleaned up the house. Josiah went down for his morning nap and then we headed to a pumpkin patch in Chumuckla.

Chumuckla is a good 45 minute drive. As we were driving there it started pouring, but we decided to go anyway. We get there and we see that they only take CASH! So we headed back to the car. Between the two of us we found $12!!! We headed back up to pay and it started to pour again. So we went back to the car and sat until it quit. Once it quit raining we headed back Josiah started to throw a temper tantrum...we just figured we weren't suppose to go to the pumpkin patch! Haha! We ended up going and I'm glad we did because Josiah had a pretty good time.
This next picture cracks me up. Josiah loves slides...despite what this picture says. I think this one was just a little too fast for him...PRICELESS..

They had a maze for the smaller kids...

I think Josiah liked this rope the most!

They had a big bucket full of corn..Josiah liked this a lot but there were too many big kids so we didn't let him play for too long.

When we got back from the pumpkin patch some of our family came over for lasagna and cake! Man the lasagna was delish! Thanks mom! :)

Josiah has a sweet tooth...

Look at this face...he is so funny!

He wanted to give mommy birthday kisses...

I had an awesome birthday weekend! Thank you everyone for making it special!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Thursday started my birthday festivities! Josiah and met up with Jaime and Wendy at Vallartas! Talk about good food! Jaime made this awesome cookie cake! Josiah LOVED it....He would stick his finger in the icing and eat it!

After Vallartas we went to Target and then dropped Jaime off. Wendi had a great idea of going to the fair! I'm not a fan usually but I thought Josiah would enjoy the petting zoo! Here are some pictures from it:

This camel bit some lady while we were there...This is as close to him as I would get!

I wasn't sure if Josiah was scared of mascots or characters, but I found out that he wasn't! Thank goodness!

I have had a great birthday weekend! We have done a ton of things so I am going to blog a few different times! I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Since moving out of my parents' house we don't get to see them as often. They only live 4 miles away, so we try to stop by their house every few days. My dad also comes over a few times a week to see us! Josiah loves his Pop-Up! Every time my dad comes over he gives Josiah a quarter to put in his piggy bank. It is their little thing that they have! I think it is so cute!

I FINALLY bought some containers to organize with...but you see what they are being used for right now...(Also you will see the pictures and mirrors that are STILL sitting on the ground!)

Josiah is blessed to have such wonderful grandparents on both sides!
We love you Pop-Up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty good weekend..minus the broke finger

We had a pretty good weekend! Josh was off Friday because he was building our fence. It was nice to have him home, I just wish he could have hung out a little bit more! Friday night Josh and I hung around the house and got caught up on our shows. This is the only time we really get to watch t.v. so we take advantage of it!

Saturday Josh continued to work on the fence. Josiah and I just played around the house. We decided at the last minute to have people over to watch some football. (I didn't get one picture!)Jaime brought her 2 nieces over so we headed over to the park! Josiah loves being around other kids. He doesn't always play with them but he likes to observe them.

We finished playing up at the park and some of our other friends came over and we cooked out. I love nights in with friends. We put our fine artistic skills into use and played Pictionary. It was hilarious. I am a horrible drawer but it was a good time!

Sunday Josh and a few of his friends were going to finish up the fence. Look at these cute boys in their Eagle shirts.... I fixed cookies for our football party Saturday and I was giving the guys that were working on the fence the rest of them. Josiah REALLY liked them...

I took this picture before Josiah and I went with my parent's to run some errands....

We got back from our errands and mom and I were sitting in the kitchen talking. Our conversation:
Mom: "You know your cousin shot himself in the hand with a nail gun"
Me: "Mom, they have safety caps on them now, I don't think you can shoot without putting the gun on a piece of wood"
Me: "What?"
Mom: "He just shot himself in the hand"
Me: "Whatever" (I thought she was joking) as I look outside and see Josh walk away from the fence..
I then proceeded to freak out...I thought maybe he shot himself in the face or something horrible...I totally freaked out...crying and everything...Little dramatic now that I look back..
Then I saw the nail in his finger.. GROSS! I will save you all from being totally grossed out and not post a pic of that (if you are my friend on facebook sorry). We jumped in the car and headed to West Florida ER. They numbed it and ripped the nail out with pliers. Again..GROSS! They sent him home with good drugs and some antibiotic.
Here he is...I told him his finger looked like one of those foam hands at a baseball/football game! HAHA!
I am so glad that it was just his finger and nothing else! He is very lucky!
Lesson learned: Do NOT let your husband use a nail gun...end of story!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's for Lunch?!

I wanted to write a post about ideas for lunch and dinners for toddlers....but I have a funny story to tell.

In my last post I was talking about moms that seem to have everything together. Here goes..
Yesterday I got Josiah up from his morning nap. I had him on my hip while I was making him a grilled cheese and cutting up a tomato and banana. He pointed down to his private area which he does when he is about to pee. I was thinking to myself man....that pee was very warm. Well I looked down and I had pee all over my shirt!!!!!!! So I flipped the grilled cheese ran to my room changed my shirt (I had a friend coming over any minute) and then changed his diaper. I then ran over to the pan that the grilled cheese was in and realized I had burnt one side. So what did I do? Make a new one? Don't think so! I pulled the burnt piece off and slapped on a new piece of bread! Making a new sandwich would have taken too long and it would have wasted a piece of bread! HA!

Josiah eating his grilled cheese, bananas and tomatoes.
Like I said....I don't have everything together, but I am trying! :)


I am so jealous of moms that have everything together! I dream of being one of those moms but I just can't get ahead. I sometime wish I was OCD. ( there a word for being opposite of OCD?!) I still have boxes every where. Why? Well, I want to be organized but I can't seem to decide how I want to organize them so I figure the stuff is better in a box than lying all over the place. I'm not sleeping good at night because I have a million and one things going through my head!

By the way...I'm totally not complaining, I love being a stay at home mom...just letting you know what is going on!

The main thing that has been running through my mind lately is...PLANNING A BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super stoked about this and have so many ideas! So many that while I'm trying to sleep I keep thinking of more! Crazy I know, but I want it to be perfect! You only have your first child one time! My sweet friend Jaime is due with Carter in February!!! I am so excited for her and Brad! I am planning the shower the first weekend of December.

SN: I went with Jaime to one of her ultrasounds (the first one I have ever been to) and that is the coolest, most amazing thing ever!

This is Jaime at 5 months....

I just can't find time to do everything...and I wonder how other moms do it! I envy moms that work and have a life! Maybe one day I will get caught up, have a clean house, all the laundry will be done and all the boxes will be unpacked..but today is not the day!!! I am off to go to Joanns and Hobby Lobby once Josiah wakes up!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Friday night Josh and I decided to do NOTHING! We literally didn't sit down all week long so it was nice! We caught up on a few of our shows.

Saturday Jill had Kennedy's birthday party! It was so much fun! Jill did great on the decorations!

Here is the birthday girl!

Josiah sitting at the kids' table! I think I need to invest in one..he loved it! Me and Josiah at the party

Lyla (Heather's daughter), Kennedy and Josiah playing in the bubbles

Cute cake and decorations

Josh and Josiah playing around

We left the party and went over to Josh's parent's house to get some more of our stuff! I feel like we get rid of a box and gain 3 more! We loaded up the cars and then headed back to our house. Josh's mom, dad and nieces came over and we went to the park!

Josiah has decided that he likes to go down the slide all by himself (tear). He is such a big boy!

This isn't the greatest picture..but look at that smile! He has so much fun on the slide!

Samantha and Taylor

The girls wanted Grandma and me to play with them

After we played at the park for awhile we went back to our house and I fixed some Taco Soup! It was delicious!
Saturday night Josh and I watched the Blind Side! I LOVED it! I thought it was soo good!
Sunday we got up took Josiah to my parent's house. Josh and I headed back to our house to get ready for Church. We are in the process of finding a new church to go to. The church we went to was okay, but I don't think it is the one we will continue to go to. There was nothing wrong with the church, it just didn't seem like the one! Hopefully we will find one to call our home soon!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know we did!
We are finally getting cable today! Yay! We got rid of a ton of boxes this weekend and it is starting to feel like a home! Now if I can only get Josh to hang up my decorations!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I See the Moon

We are still super busy unpacking and just getting settled into the house! We had a really awesome, busy weekend and I have some pictures to upload, but I am trying to get in bed at a decent time. I did upload this video real fast though. (I promise Josiah wears clothes!)

Good News! We have internet NOW!!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking a break....

Whew...Taking a break from packing!

Ok, I'm lying I haven't unpacked one box today! I have been cleaning and organizing my chaos because some of the girls are coming over tonight for chili.

So really I am taking a break from cleaning...

I am so excited for the girls to get together tonight! Crystal is back in town for a little while so I decided to have everyone over so we could all hang out before she heads to Chicago.

They will just have to get over all the boxes in the rooms! My living room, dining room and kitchen are clean though. It is just really hard to unpack with Josiah. Since moving in Josiah has been super clingy. I think he is a little confused.

Hopefully this weekend we will get a lot more done. I just want everything to be put away right so I don't have to deal with it later.

We have a birthday party to go to on Saturday and I think that is it! I am so excited that Josiah is going to get to play with some other kids! I am also looking forward to spending our first weekend in our house as a family! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I love, love, love our new house!!!!!

I haven't posted in a little while and I probably won't until the 11th. We don't have internet at the new house and I feel bad stealing the neighbors (obviously not too bad because I am doing it right now).

I am so overwhelmed....We have boxes everywhere and they aren't going away! It is very hard to unpack with Josiah wanting to be outside 24/7. I try to get as much done during naps as I can but its hard when his first name I shower and then the second nap doesn't last too long! Josh has tons of school work so while he is doing that at night I am trying to get things unpacked. I keep wishing that the unpacking fairy would come visit us, but so far she hasn't.

Anyway, hopefully I will post again soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying there week!!! :)