Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am so jealous of moms that have everything together! I dream of being one of those moms but I just can't get ahead. I sometime wish I was OCD. ( there a word for being opposite of OCD?!) I still have boxes every where. Why? Well, I want to be organized but I can't seem to decide how I want to organize them so I figure the stuff is better in a box than lying all over the place. I'm not sleeping good at night because I have a million and one things going through my head!

By the way...I'm totally not complaining, I love being a stay at home mom...just letting you know what is going on!

The main thing that has been running through my mind lately is...PLANNING A BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super stoked about this and have so many ideas! So many that while I'm trying to sleep I keep thinking of more! Crazy I know, but I want it to be perfect! You only have your first child one time! My sweet friend Jaime is due with Carter in February!!! I am so excited for her and Brad! I am planning the shower the first weekend of December.

SN: I went with Jaime to one of her ultrasounds (the first one I have ever been to) and that is the coolest, most amazing thing ever!

This is Jaime at 5 months....

I just can't find time to do everything...and I wonder how other moms do it! I envy moms that work and have a life! Maybe one day I will get caught up, have a clean house, all the laundry will be done and all the boxes will be unpacked..but today is not the day!!! I am off to go to Joanns and Hobby Lobby once Josiah wakes up!


Beth said...

I know you're doing an amazing job, because all the pictures I see of Josiah, he has the biggest grin on his face! He is a such a happy little boy and you are a great mom! :) Congrats on the new house!! :)

Nicole said...

Beth! How are you?!?! Thank you so much! I try! Its just hard to get everything done that I want too! I hope you and Adam are doing great!

Beth said...

I'm doing great! :) I feel the same exact way. If I could freeze the clock for an hour or 2 a day and get some more stuff done that would be AWESOME! :) I hope you and Josh are too! I really do want to get together with y'all and the group sometime! We miss y'all!!