Monday, April 29, 2013

Burlap Wreath and Monogrammed Wood Letters

This past weekend I had a business thing to go to called the Small Business Blitz. I wanted to show off these cute letter that I sell at Sweet Pea Co. I had two days to make something and I needed something that was simple.  The craft gene skipped right over me so I was looking for something easy.  I asked my bff Jaime to make one for me and she was all for it, but I thought I would try it first! I decided to look on YouTube and found something that I thought I could actually do.  I ran to Michael's and purchased two burlap rolls and a metal ring.  This cost me about $15.  I watched this video and bam...I had a burlap wreath that I actually did myself!!  I just glued on the letters and I was ready to show it off! 
We had so much fun at the Small Business Blitz.  I can't wait to do in again soon! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Andrea comes to visit!!!

A few weeks ago my friend Andrea from Georgia came to visit us!!!!! We had such a great time! We headed to the beach one day. This was Adalyn's first day actually in the sand. She may have eaten a few handfuls of sand but she had such a fun time playing in it! We were so sad to see Andrea go but can't wait till we see her again!!