Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Party, Dinner, and Beach

Friday night we did absolutely NOTHING! It was nice to just sit home and relax a little!

Saturday we took Josiah over to his grandparents' house so we could clean up the house before my mom and dad got back in town. We were hoping to clean and then hang out by the pool before we went and picked Josiah up, but we were both missing him so we picked him up early! Saturday afternoon we just hung around and then I went and picked up Chik-fil-a. I am addicted to their Spicy Chicken sandwich...OMGEEE! I went and picked up my mom and dad at the airport at 11:00 that night. It was so good to see them!

Sunday was busy! We got up and ate breakfast with the family. Josh went to the gun show with dad and my brother and I went to Khol's and Target while mom watched Josiah! I was trying to find Josiah some shoes (no luck) and I had to get a birthday present for Josiah's little friend. I got home from shopping and rushed out the door to go to Cooper's birthday party. I was just going to meet up with Jaime and go but Josh got done at the gun show and went with us! Here is Josiah! He was happy to be going to a birthday party!
The party was a lot of fun and it was decorated very cute! We only stayed for about an hour because it was lil man's nap time and he needed to get some sleep before we headed to the beach for dinner!
Josh and I before going to dinner at Peg Leg's with the family

Haha! This picture cracks me up! He was eating a lemon which despite his face he really did enjoy!
After going to Peg Leg's to eat we walked over to the beach to see how bad it actually was. The part of the beach we went to was not that bad, but I have seen pictures that are devastating! It was didn't smell like the salty beach that I am use to..It really does break my heart.

Walking out to the beach

Tar balls

My favorite boys!

Josiah wasn't sure about walking on his own on the sand

My husband...being him! That's why I love him!

Josiah on the way home...He is so happy! :)

I have been really busy working on stuff for his birthday party and I need to get on the ball and finish up some stuff! I am so excited for it to all come together in a few weeks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Oh my gosh is this really going to upload?!?! I hope so! I have been trying to post this video of Josiah first walking FOREVER!! Here it is! He is so dang cute!

Our house

So I am rather late tonight...Rachel's uncle passed away so I am up baking and cooking! I don't know what it is, but I love baking for other people! I love baking for me too, but then I eat it so this works out! I do what I love and then give it to someone else to eat! I cooked some spaghetti casserole, Chocolate pound cake, and Turtle Cookie Bars!!

Anyway, since I am up I thought I would write about our house!

Josh and I have been driving to our "house" a lot lately to see how far they have come along. This was last week.....this is the view from the end of our property. We drove by today and they have the footing boards (i think that is what they are called) and the plumbing in!!! I am so excited! I didn't have my camera with me today so I didn't get a picture There is a house near by that has the same plan as us and it is almost done being built. We went in there the other day and took a few pictures. This is what our kitchen is going to look like.....

This is the living room.... I got pictures of the other rooms but you can't really see them that great! Hopefully they will get the slab done this week! The builders told us once they pour the slab that we will have 3 months until it is finished! I can't wait! I have so many ideas for the house and I can't wait to find some great deals/bargains to furnish our house!

We don't really have to much going on this weekend. Mom and Dad get back from their vacation at midnight on Saturday so I think Josh and I are going to spend Saturday cleaning and doing yard work. FUN FUN! Sunday we have Cooper's 1st birthday party! It's Josiah first little party with all his little friends!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend (LONG post sorry)

As most of you know we are staying with my parents until our house is built. Well Thursday mom and dad went out of town for 10 days!!!! It's almost like we are living by ourselves once again...kind of. Well Friday night I ran to Walmart to get food for a cookout/pool party that we were having on Saturday. I had told everyone to bring the meat they wanted to eat and we would cook the sides. I decided to cook mac-n-cheese, baked beans, spinach and artichoke dip and apple dump cake! YUM!

Saturday I got up super early and started cooking everything. I also had to bake cookies for a cookout that we had later that day for my cousins birthday. It was a lil' stressful but everything turned out great. Everyone got here around noon and we had ate and swam in the pool! I think everyone had a good time! I know Josiah did! He loves being in the pool. We hung out until 4 and then we headed to my cousins for another cookout and pool party. We were exhausted.

Sunday I rolled over in bed and looked at the clock and realized it was 8:30. We were supposed to be at my Aunt's house for breakfast at 8:30. Josiah NEVER sleeps until 8:30, I think he knew it was Father's Day so he let his daddy sleep in! Thanks Josiah! :) We hurried over to my Aunt's to eat some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! We brought Josiah home to nap and then went over to Josh's parents' house. After Josiah's afternoon nap we went to Chilis to eat! (I think we spent the whole weekend EATING! That's why starting today I am cutting back!)

I am so thankful to have an amazing daddy! I am also grateful for having Josh for Josiah's dad! He does everything to make sure that we have the best life possible! He Rocks! I love you Joshy and thank you for everything! Josiah is one lucky lil' man!

Here are a few pictures from the last week...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


JOSIAH is walking!!!!!!!

So I tried for a few days to upload the video of Josiah walking, but I can't do it for some reason. I will continue to try.

Tuesday morning we got up and Josiah was doing his usual walk around the house holding my hands. I put him down for a nap and then headed over to Rachel's house. We were sitting on the couch and Josiah got down and just started walking like he had been doing it for months! I was shocked! Rachel and I both looked at each other like is he really doing this?! Rach grabbed her phone and started video taping it. Hopefully I can get it uploaded soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little bit of this...Little bit of that

Yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen while Josiah was playing and I turned around and this is what I saw! He has been doing this a lot lately! He even has taken a few steps a few different times! I think we will have a walker on our hands soon! Lord help us!!!
Last night I went to Lindsay's for Mexican night with Rachel, Jaime, and Amber. We had tacos, chicken enchilladas, and sopapeas (not sure if that is how you spell it). Everything was delicious! It was good to get out and have some much needed girl time, but I sure did miss my boys! When I left the house Josh sent me a picture of Josiah crying at the front door. It was so sad. I told him to never do that again!
Today was such a gorgeous day out so I decided we would spend the afternoon in the pool. Josiah loves it! It gives us something to do AND I get some sun!!! Score! Josiah wearing his Pop-Up's hat!
Tonight we are off to Josh's parent's house for Thursday night dinner! Hopefully we will have something good! I'm starving!

If you're happy and you know it...

Clap your hands.....

Check the video out! I realize that I have been horrible about updating this. I have other things to do like read other people's blogs (that update regularly) , take a shower every once in awhile, and be a mommy! I am going to try to do better I promise, even if that means cutting back on showers..haha just kidding! Hopefully I will have another post up shortly!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who Needs Toys?!

When you have boxes, belts, gum dispensers, and cell phones....