Monday, April 23, 2012

More Easter Pictures

One of my best friends, Rachel, has an annual Easter egg hunt with her family and we are so glad to be invited again this year!!  Josiah had so much fun looking for the eggs.  I thought he was pretty darn cute too if I must say so myself!!

Josiah loves Mady!  (Maybe a little too much)

Searching for some eggs..

Cute boy!

Precious little Madylin

My amazing little family!!  I am so blessed!

Did I post these pictures already??   I cannot remember for the life of me!  I hope I didn't, but if I did you get to see them again!! :)  We have been busy around here getting Adalyn's room ready and getting ready for a little vacation!!!!  Can't wait to share some pictures soon!

I'm in the Lord's Army

I love that Josiah goes to MDO at a Church and learns so much about the Bible!  Here he was singing I'm in the Lord's Army!  Don't mind the mess in the background.  We were at Granny's house re-organizing her "grocery store"! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What are you thinking?

Found this on Pinterest and I so believe this.  Don't get me wrong I believe in prayer and God, but we need to think positive thoughts to get positive happenings!

Doctor's appt and pictures

I feel behind in the blog world. I love blogging but unfortunately it's not high on the priority list these days!

Last Thursday my friend Andrea came in town!!! We had so much fun! We went to the beach with Jaime and Carter, took her to Five Sisters to eat along with 32 degrees, and Flounders! We had a good time. Sunday morning we loaded up the car with my mom and Josiah and headed to Atlanta. I had a doctors appointment Monday morning. My doctors appointment went so good! He said that if he met me today he wouldn't even think I had pulmonary hypertension! (I still have it but it is well controlled with my meds!!!) God is that good y'all!!!

I hate that my trips up there are so short. I would love to see a few people that we don't get to see much but next time Josh is going with us and we will stay longer! And next time we will have a 2 month old!!!!!

I came home to Adalyn's room all painted! Josh and the in-laws are too good to me!!! Now I just need to decide how I'm going to decorate!

Here are a few pictures from the week! Hopefully they all show up since I'm posted from my phone!

P.s. Adalyn is 32 weeks today!!!!!! We have her check up on Thursday!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter baking and birthday dinner

Thursday I decided to have a fun day of baking with Josiah.  I usually let him  help me bake goodies but I am constantly telling him what to do or not to do.  I went to Winn Dixie and got some sugar cookies.  We came home and baked them and I let him go to town on decorating them.  I put little bowls of sprinkles and candies out and just let him do whatever he wanted to do!  It was a lot of fun!  I will be doing this again soon.  Even though I threw must of the cookies away because we never ate them..Shhh...he will never know!!

His cookies he decorated

Every year Mom, Josiah, my Aunt Pris and I get together and we make a bunny cake!  We have always had fun but this year was even more fun because Josiah had a blast!!  We made him his own little bunny and let him decorate it.

This is our cute little bunny

This is Josiah's.  He may have put a ton of sprinkles but he had a so much fun doing it!  We also dyed Easter eggs but I didn't get one picture of us doing that for some reason.  Josiah did okay but he didn't last very long!

Friday night we went out to eat for Jaime's birthday! 

Here is Josiah and Madylin!  He loves her!!  I can't wait to see him with Adalyn.  He is going to be such a big helper!

Here is Josiah with Brantley! 

This was me and my main squeeze before we went to dinner.  We went to a restaurant that had a private little area for us.  It was so nice.  I don't think my wild  well behaved child would have made it as long as he did if we were just in a regular open restaurant. 

Here are the mommas and their babies!! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Chocolate and Facebook

As Easter sneaks up on us I am a little sad that my 46 days without chocolate might come to an end.  I love chocolate don't get me wrong.  BUT I have felt great not eating it!  I'm afraid now that since I can eat it I might.  I'm hoping I won't but I know myself all too well.  I have lost 4-6 pounds since I stopped eating it.  That is not the reason why I gave it up but it is a plus!  I know if I eat just once piece I will continue to eat it.  Maybe I will surprise myself!!! :)  I hope so!  I will keep y'all posted! :)

Being without facebook has been pretty nice besides the fact that I am now addicted to instagram!  I think I am going to continue to not get on it as much.  There is absolutely no reason why I need to get on there 2,039,843 times a day.  Nothing is that important!!  Well....I hope everyone as a great Easter!  I am looking forward to celebrating Jesus and being with family!!


A few weekends ago we decided to try out a new park.  We have one across the street from our house but I feel like Josiah gets tired of the same ol' park.  Heather posted about this park not too long ago and I thought it looked like a lot of fun!  I stole her idea and decided to take Josiah there!  I am glad Josh was with us because Josiah loved this "spider web" as he called it.   

There was so much fun stuff to do!  Josiah went once more since then with my aunt and uncle!  We will definitely be going back soon!  Thanks Heather for the great idea!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Feeling really blessed!  Don't have too much time to type as it is already 10:45.  Nothing extra special is going on...just feeling an abundance of blessings my way! 

Our baby girl will be here in less than 10 weeks!  Holy cow...time is flying by!!!  Went to a check up today and she is doing perfect!!!! 

Josiah is doing wonderful  minus the two molars that are driving us all crazy.  I wish they would hurry up and come in and quit giving my little man a fever!

Hope everyone is doing great!  I have a test this week in my class so I probably won't be blogging too much....stupid/hard class...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


The other day I had a little interview with Josiah.

Me: What is your favorite food?
Josiah: chocolate ice cream!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Josiah: I want to be able to have knives and scissors when I grow up!!! (this made me laugh, he always wants to have these and we always tell him when he gets bigger!!!!)

Me: Favorite thing to do outside?
Josiah: Play on my treehouse!!

Me: Favorite person?
Josiah: Mady and Rach!!

Me: Favorite stuffed animal?
Josiah: Moose (I thought it was his monkys)

Me: Favorite song?
Josiah: Jesus Loves Me.