Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleepless is Florida

Josiah has always been a really good sleeper, well except when he was a wee little baby.  He usually falls right asleep for naps and nighttime, but something changed last week.  He didn't want to go to bed and he definitely didn't want to take a nap.  If we took a nap with him he would do fine, but he did NOT want to stay in his room by himself.  Well...I think I figured out why.  We started watching Dino Dan last week.  Have y'all ever seen that show?  I never liked it in the first place but Josiah kept asking for it so I let him watch it.  It is not scary by no means, I think the dinosaurs just were something new to him.  I think it is between that and the Curious George movie.  I think that movie is so cute, but there is a part in it when a big guy is somewhat loud and mean looking and Josiah always talks about the monkey Guy.  He would wake up from his naps talking about him so that is when I figured that some of his favorite shows might not be the best for him to watch.  I quit letting him watch both shows yesterday and I think it has helped a little today.  We will see.  Hopefully he will continue to sleep better!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seafood Festival

Ugh..I hate that I only blog once a week!  NO fun!  But hey...guess it is better than none!  Friday Josiah and I headed to the mall.  The only time I get to go to the mall is when we go to ride the train.  I snuck in running into Old Navy for a few minutes, but of course, I didn't buy anything for me!  Ha!  What's new?  I went to look for some winter clothes and they had buy one get one 75% off!  I got two zip up sweater jackets for Josiah for $16!!!!  That is what I am talking about!!!!
Here is little man riding the train!!!
Saturday we decided to go downtown for the seafood festival.  Some of our friends were playing in their band.  It ended up being way to hot so we didn't get to see the boys play, but we still had a good time!

This is absolutely gross to me, but Josiah had fun doing it.  The kids painted an actual mullet and then used it like  a stamp on a piece of paper to make their fish painting.  I can't imagine how bad that stunk after a few hours.
Sunday we went over to my mom's to eat.  Every time we go over there to eat she bakes something!!!  Here is Josiah helping as usual!  He loves the beater!?  Who can blame him? 

I wanted to keep everyone posted.  We are almost done with all of our paperwork for the adoption!  We got the dogs immunizations Monday and Josh and I have doctors appointments this week and I think that will complete everything that we need!  We are trying to set up our home study for Friday, October 14th!  Can't wait!!!!!  It seems to be moving pretty quickly this time around!!  Please keep us in your prayers!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby, Beach, and Biloxi

Friday it was so nice outside.  I opened the windows and doors and let the cool breeze blow through the house.  Josiah played in the bubbles while I watched him from the inside of our house and I washed the dishes.  (I could see him through the back door!)  He had a blast playing with the soapy water I made him. (these pictures are all from my phone so sorry!!!)
 Jaime and Baby Carter came over for a little play date!  Look at this sweet baby!  He is growing up so fast!  He already has two teeth!!!!  Soon him and Josiah will be running around getting in trouble together!  We were about to eat lunch when Lindsay and said she knew we were together and we had no choice but to meet her for lunch! :)  We packed the boys up and headed to Subway!  We had a nice lunch together!  After lunch Josiah and I hit up TCBY!  I am totally obsessed with that place.  If I am anywhere near it no matter what time it is I will stop by!  Not good for the waistline, but it is better than Marble Slab ice cream right?!!?!
 Friday night we didn't do anything.  Josh and I both had homework so we stayed home and worked on that. 

Saturday we got up and headed to the beach!  We went to Josh's aunt's house and then went over to the beach!  Josh's aunt and uncle got him this new surfboard for his birthday!!!  Josiah loved "surfing" on it!  I have to say I enjoyed it too!  There is just something about getting up on the surfboard!  Josh also was teaching our little cousin Micha how to surf!  She did really good!  We were so proud of here!!!!  I'm hoping we get to go back to the beach a few times before it gets too cold!  The water was already a little chilly!

We headed home from the beach and put Josiah down for a nap and Josh and I got ready to head to Biloxi to the Hard Rock with Brandon and Jordan!  We did not win anything!  Well, Josh won $400 on his first card game he played but ended up playing and losing it all!  We didn't lose too much because all we spent was Josh's birthday money!  I have to say I am NOT a gambler...I just can't help but sit there and say oh my gosh..I could have bought a shirt or shoes with that money!  But we had a really good time with our friends!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

29th Birthday

My sweet, sweet husband turned 29 yesterday!!!!  We had a fun weekend!  I took him to the gun range on Saturday which was so much fun.  Saturday afternoon we went to Josh's parent's to celebrate his birthday and the Sunday we had my family over! 
I decided to make Josh a rainbow cake!  I know what you are thinking....NO he is NOT fruity!  Ha!  I just thought it was a fun cake!!  It took sometime to make it but I had fun doing it! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!  You rock my world!! :) 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is a really sad day.  I cannot believe it has been 10 years since the tragedy of the twin towers.  It really does break my heart to even think about it.  Every time a commercial comes on or someone talks about it my eyes just start watering.  I really want to watch the shows that are remembering today, but I don't think I would even get through two seconds of it.  That day change the United States forever.  Lives were changed forever.  And people will be missed forever.  But I will never ever forget that day. 

Where were you that day?  I was sitting in homeroom when our teacher turned on the t.v. and it was a live feed from New York and it was showing the first tower that was hit.  As the news reporter was talking about the first tower going down, we then saw the second one going down.  It was unbelievable.  I was scared.  I didn't think anything like that could ever happen here where we live. 

Today as I remember that day I think about all those lives that were taken.  Innocent lives.  People that were just doing everyday stuff...they had no clue what was about to happen.  Family members, friends, co-workers all lost loved ones.  Devastating.  This day will never be forgotten and all those people that lost their lives are Heroes in my book.  The men and women that are fighting for my freedom are also my heroes.  I hope we never have to experience something like that ever again. 

Even thought today is remembered because of is also someone's birthday around here!  I will post about that later!! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Golden Oreo Cheesecake - Yes Please!

Who loves Golden Oreos?  I do!  We don't have these at our house because I will eat every single one of them.  I'm not a huge fan of regular Oreos but put the Golden Oreos in front of me and I will eat 
28 Golden Oreos, divided 18 and 10
3 tablespoons, melted Butter
1 cup Caramel bits (or 24 wrapped caramels)
1 tablespoon water
2 pkgs (8 oz each) Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup Marshmellow Fluff
1 egg

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Take out cream cheese so it will be soft.  Crush 18 Golden Oreos (cream and all).  I used my Pamper Chef chopper, but you could use a plastic bag or food processor. 

Pour crumbs into a 9 inch square pan.  (My pan wasn't cleaned so I used a 9 inch round pan) Add 3 tablespoons melted butter and combine using the back of a spoon to mix and press firmly into the bottom of the pan. Bake crust for 10 minutes or until golden. Let cool 10-15 minutes.

While crust is cooling unwrap your caramels, or if using caramel bits, pour into a bowl and add the 1 tablespoon of water. Set aside.

Now coarsely chop the remaining 10 Oreos. Set those aside as well.

Beat the softened cream cheese and marshmallow fluff with a mixer on medium speed. Beat until combined and smooth, scraping down the sides half way through.

Add the egg and beat for 30 more seconds on medium speed until all mixed together.

Stir in the coarsely chopped Oreos.

Pour the batter into the crust. Spread evenly into the pan. Now melt your caramels and water in the microwave for 60 seconds. Stir halfway through. When melted, drop by spoonfuls onto the batter. (I did not end up using all of the caramel)

Using a knife, swirl the caramel into the cream cheese batter. Don't go too deep or you'll mess up the crust.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until center is set. Cool for 20 minutes on wire rack and then transfer to the refrigerator for 4-24 hours. Cut into squares when completely cooled. Enjoy!

I will have to tell you that this was so much better the second day.  So if you can bake it in advance!  You will not be disappointed. 

No baking is complete without this little man helping and eating the batter!  I love baking with him! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shaving Cream Anyone?

I don't know about y'all but we have been having some bad weather here.  We have been stuck inside almost the whole holiday weekend.  Last night it felt amazing outside and finally no rain.  Josiah loves to play with shaving cream, so I decided to buy him some cheap shaving cream when we went grocery shopping yesterday.  When we got home I said let's go outside and having a shaving cream fight.  Josh looked at me like I was crazy.  He said "Really?"  I said well, not really a shaving cream fight, but we are going to let Josiah get messy and have some fun with it!  Here are some pictures.........

Josiah had so much fun!...and so did Josh and I.  We will be doing this again!!!! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

MDO and Whitey Tighties

I know the last post was a little boring so I thought I would put up some pictures.  Two weeks ago Josiah started Mother's Day Out (MDO).  It was the hardest thing I have ever done.  Josiah only stays with my parents, my aunt and uncle and Josh's parents.  He has NEVER stayed with anyone else except maybe when he was really little.  I had been telling him all about school and he seemed so excited.  Well, as soon as we got to his classroom he started to ball.  I mean scream bloody murder.  This broke my heart.  I know it is extremely good for him to be around other kids, but I did not like seeing my baby boy so upset.  Well, he made it all day long (or should I say I made it all day long) and when I picked him up he was clinging to the teacher and his eyes were so red.  The next day I was home with him and asked him what he wanted to do and he said "school"!  He didn't go back until a week later and he did a lot better.  He still cried when we left him but he stopped soon after we left and he participated in the activities and played with the other kids.  When we went to pick him up he was peeking over the little gate and his smile just melt my heart.  I love watching him grow!
This is his art from the second day of class!  He didn't have anything colored the first day!  I have to say I am one proud momma and that picture is on or refrigerator!  I will probably keep it forever! 

We have been potty training!  This is what I see most days now!  I thought I loved the diaper butt, but I don't think it gets any cuter than a little tiny in whitey tighties or boxer briefs!  Some days he wants to wear big boy underwear and sometimes he doesn't.  I am not forcing him at all!  He just turned two and I am in no rush, but I can't complain if he wants to pee pee in the potty.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


.....I have been doing homework every moment I can...when Josiah takes a nap, when Josiah sleeps at night....He needs sleep but I guess I don't??  This semester is tough, but I am learning a lot and trying to reach my goals!!!

......I have benn hearing Josiah say "no mom" constantly

......I have been laughing at the way Josiah says "no mom".  I know it isn't funny, but I can't help but laugh when he says it.  He is just to darn cute!

......I have been saying "no Josiah" 3,423 times a day

......I have been trying to balance being a mom, wife, student, worker, maid, friend, daughter and everything else.  It is tough, but I think I am finding what works and what doesn't.

......I have been soaking up every minute with Josiah, it won't be long before he is too busy for me, so I am enjoying every moment.

......I have been trying out new recipes and I hope I have time to share with y'all soon!

......I am preparing myself to be a football widow! Football is about to start and Josh will be stuck to the computer/t.v. for the next few months! The only reason I like football season is great time with friends and good food! :)

......I have been loving this wonderful, crazy, adventurous life with my two favorite boys!  Life is definitely good!!!

Hopefully life will slow down for a little while and I will be able to blog a little more!  Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!