Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby, Beach, and Biloxi

Friday it was so nice outside.  I opened the windows and doors and let the cool breeze blow through the house.  Josiah played in the bubbles while I watched him from the inside of our house and I washed the dishes.  (I could see him through the back door!)  He had a blast playing with the soapy water I made him. (these pictures are all from my phone so sorry!!!)
 Jaime and Baby Carter came over for a little play date!  Look at this sweet baby!  He is growing up so fast!  He already has two teeth!!!!  Soon him and Josiah will be running around getting in trouble together!  We were about to eat lunch when Lindsay and said she knew we were together and we had no choice but to meet her for lunch! :)  We packed the boys up and headed to Subway!  We had a nice lunch together!  After lunch Josiah and I hit up TCBY!  I am totally obsessed with that place.  If I am anywhere near it no matter what time it is I will stop by!  Not good for the waistline, but it is better than Marble Slab ice cream right?!!?!
 Friday night we didn't do anything.  Josh and I both had homework so we stayed home and worked on that. 

Saturday we got up and headed to the beach!  We went to Josh's aunt's house and then went over to the beach!  Josh's aunt and uncle got him this new surfboard for his birthday!!!  Josiah loved "surfing" on it!  I have to say I enjoyed it too!  There is just something about getting up on the surfboard!  Josh also was teaching our little cousin Micha how to surf!  She did really good!  We were so proud of here!!!!  I'm hoping we get to go back to the beach a few times before it gets too cold!  The water was already a little chilly!

We headed home from the beach and put Josiah down for a nap and Josh and I got ready to head to Biloxi to the Hard Rock with Brandon and Jordan!  We did not win anything!  Well, Josh won $400 on his first card game he played but ended up playing and losing it all!  We didn't lose too much because all we spent was Josh's birthday money!  I have to say I am NOT a gambler...I just can't help but sit there and say oh my gosh..I could have bought a shirt or shoes with that money!  But we had a really good time with our friends!!!

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