Monday, September 12, 2011

29th Birthday

My sweet, sweet husband turned 29 yesterday!!!!  We had a fun weekend!  I took him to the gun range on Saturday which was so much fun.  Saturday afternoon we went to Josh's parent's to celebrate his birthday and the Sunday we had my family over! 
I decided to make Josh a rainbow cake!  I know what you are thinking....NO he is NOT fruity!  Ha!  I just thought it was a fun cake!!  It took sometime to make it but I had fun doing it! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!  You rock my world!! :) 


Beth said...

Awww Happy Birthday to Josh! :) I'm glad y'all had such a FUN weekend!! And the weather was perfect!! :)

Your cake is so cute!! You did such a GREAT job!!! :)

What gun range do y'all go to?? Adam has been wanting to go!

Nicole said...

Thank you girl!

We went to the one off Quintette Rd. That's the only one I have ever been too! It's a lot of fun!!! :)