Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is more for me but I want to remember this forever....

Josiah is spending the night with my parents. My mom called me a little while ago and said....

Mom: Josiah is just too smart.
Me: what did he do this time?!
Mom: Josiah said will Uncle Bobby be able to walk when he gets older? Mom said, "no, he will have to use his walker." Josiah said, "well, when he is with God he will be able to run and play again!"

Me: I was speechless. Tears were in my eyes.

At that moment I felt like we were doing something right. He is absolutely right and I want him to always think that way. As we get older something in us changes and sometimes it harder to believe. I believe and I hope he never loses that that belief. God is good! We may have our problems and be in pain here on Earth but one day we will be healed. If it doesn't happen here on Earth it will happen in Heaven!!! What a smart little guy he is!!! Thanks for the reminder little man!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012


I'm sitting here rocking Adalyn to sleep and I can't seem to put her down! My heart aches. There is 20 sets of parents that don't have the opportunity to kiss their babies good night. I can't imagine.

They kissed their babies off to school this morning thinking it was a normal Friday. Then some idiot turns this normal Friday into their worst nightmare. I can't imagine getting that phone call. I can't imagine hearing that my child's school had a shooting at it.

Elementary school students and faculty. Some only five years old. That is only two years older than Josiah. They were just babies. Why why why??? Who would want to hurt innocent little ones? makes me so sad and angry. I just cry thinking about it.

I pray for all the families and friends of the victims. I pray for everyone everywhere. This will effect every person that has a heart. I don't know a single person that was involved in this horrible tragedy but I am devastated.

I am already worried when I leave my babies but this makes it even harder. We don't seem to be safe anywhere anymore. So sad.


I have been totally slacking on keeping updates on Adalyn!

She has two teeth - got them around 4 months!

She went today for her 6 month appointment. She is 28 inches long and weighs 18 pounds 7 oz. She is in the 98th percentile for height and 83rd percentile for weight. Girl is BIG!!!!

She can sit up but you have to be near because she may do a nose dive.

She hates baby food!! You get near her with a spoon and she will turn away in a heartbeat. We are currently working on this.

She was sleeping through the night but once she got her teeth she stopped. I think once she starts eating food she will start sleeping through again.

We stopped swaddling her at night about a month ago and it wasn't too bad.

She is seriously the sweetest baby EVER!!!! We can't get enough of her and her big bro!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baking Day 1

Last Saturday we went over to Josh's Aunt's house and baked a little. It's hard to bake with two littles but we still had a good time!!! Aunt Tammy had bought a ton of stuff to bake with and I don't even think we got halfway through what she wanted to bake! Here are some pictures from that day!

Elf on the Shelf Part 2

Captain Jingles has been having fun in our house!!!

This one is my all time favorite.  A friend text me the other day showing me this and I just had to do it!!!  It was super easy to make and Josiah LOVED it!!!  I made the face out of construction paper and just drew the lines on there.  The pants I made out of old underwear!  Hey, you gotta use what you have around the house and that is all we could think of!  Haha!  Then the spider on the shirt I just used construction paper again and drew a spider that looked like the spider on Spiderman!  Josiah was so excited when he saw him hanging from our laundry room door.  He ran straight to his room and dressed up like Spiderman!

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Elf on the Shelf Part 1