Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is more for me but I want to remember this forever....

Josiah is spending the night with my parents. My mom called me a little while ago and said....

Mom: Josiah is just too smart.
Me: what did he do this time?!
Mom: Josiah said will Uncle Bobby be able to walk when he gets older? Mom said, "no, he will have to use his walker." Josiah said, "well, when he is with God he will be able to run and play again!"

Me: I was speechless. Tears were in my eyes.

At that moment I felt like we were doing something right. He is absolutely right and I want him to always think that way. As we get older something in us changes and sometimes it harder to believe. I believe and I hope he never loses that that belief. God is good! We may have our problems and be in pain here on Earth but one day we will be healed. If it doesn't happen here on Earth it will happen in Heaven!!! What a smart little guy he is!!! Thanks for the reminder little man!!!!


Anonymous said...

I would have not believed it if not by my own ears. Inspiring little man. How can you not love him? Love You---POPPOP

The Kirkland's said...

I nominated you for an Liebester Award, go check out y blog