Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Answered Prayers

As most of you know.......WE WERE CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!! The birthmom picked Josh and I!! We have been praying for this for over 8 months and God has just blessed us in so many ways. I get chill bumps just thinking about all the little things God has shown us to let us know that this is the path He has planned for us! I know I have said this a thousand times before but God is truly amazing! We have 8 days to prepare for our little BOY!

I am going to tell a little about our meeting for those who don't know and maybe for those who are in the adoption process and wondering how things go. Sorry if you have already heard our story this is probably going to be long! The meeting with Jessica, our birthmom was schedule on Thursday, June 2nd. We got to the agency and spoke with the counselors and then Jessica and her mom got there. She was absolutely beautiful! Josh and I wanted to know about her, but we let her ask us some questions first. She had a notepad full of questions. So the first question she asked was, "What was our outlook on life?" Then her mom preceded to say did we have positive attitudes toward the future. Which was a great question, because for the people that know me know that I have a very positive attitude towards life! So we hit it off right away. Her next question was how do we define happiness and I told them that happiness to me = my family and friends. She had a few other questions and then we just sat there and talked, we never had an awkward moment. I was thinking through the whole entire meeting that it just felt right. Jessica also asked us if we would call the baby Josiah (biblical name). Of course we said YES! How could we say no to a woman that is giving us the best gift ever?!?! As we were talking Jessica mentioned that she was meeting with another couple on Friday which kind of shocked Josh and I (because our counselor told us right before that we were the only couple). But Jessica did say that our meeting went really well and that she would rate it a 10 (on a 1-10 scale!) She also asked the counselor if it was common for the birthmom and the adoptive family to have so much in common! When we left out of the meeting Josh and I felt really good about the meeting and felt that God had definitely put Jessica in our lives for a reason, even if it was just to pray for her.

We were hoping to hear something from the agency on Friday about our meeting, but we heard NOTHING!!! The office was close due to the 4th of July. So we had to wait the whole weekend not knowing the outcome of the meeting. While we were waiting I wanted to look up the story of Josiah and get familiar with the story. While I was looking up the story I ran into something that said the name Joshua came from Josiah. Right then and there I had a WOW moment. I thought to myself that God is telling me that this is all going to work out. He was telling me not to stress! After our busy weekend was over, Josh and I drove home from Pensacola. On our drive home we again heard NOTHING! We started to get a little disappointed. FINALLY --- Josh called the agencies office and got ahold of the other counselors who told us that WE WERE CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I cannot tell you how happy we were! For the rest of the evening we were on the phone either calling, texting, or emailing friends and family!

{we have 8 days till our little guy is suppose to be born} I have to say thanks to all of our family, friends and people that don't even know us that have just heard about our story for praying for us! God is amazing and is always working behind the scenes even when you don't think He is there He is ALWAYS listening!!!!!! His plan isn't always what you have planned, it is BETTER!

Josh and I some stuff already, but we are fortunate to have tons of loving, caring family and friends that are throwing us showers! We have been going crazy trying to make sure we have stuff, because we could get a call any minute!

WE will keep y'all posted!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthmom Meeting!

I know everyone is wondering what has been going I just wanted to do a quick update and let you know that we are meeting with Jessica, the birthmom tomorrow at 2:00. We are very excited! The counselor said that she is going to be bringing us a picture form her sonogram! Can't wait to see it! Maybe she will let us keep it so we can show everyone! Baby is due in 2 weeks! Please keep us all in your prayers!