Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catch up post

We took Adalyn to her two week appointment and she weighed 7 pounds 13 oz and was 20 inches long!! That's one whole pound since birth, and she had lost 8 oz before we left the hospital!! She loves eating and sleeping!!! Here are a whole bunch of pics from the second week!!! Josiah is still being the best big bro ever!!! He loves her so much!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am so lucky!!

Life seems to be almost perfect right now!! I have one amazing man by my side. He is my "person", my best friend! He loves me unconditionally and he loves our children! Josh is such a hardworking man. Right now he is taking three summer classes, working, and being the best father and husband! Being busy is an understatement yet he finds time to do all those things!!! I am so lucky!!! I am sitting here watching Adalyn sleep as her lullybys play on my iPhone. I feel so blessed! I never thought at this point in my life I would have the chance to be a mommy yet God showed me that anything is possible!! I prayed, wished, and thought about babies forever and God answered my prayers not only once but twice!!! I am a momma of two healthy, beautiful children! I am so lucky!!! None of this would have been possible without God. Lean on Him and He will bless you even more than you can imagine! "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”. Matthew 21:22

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Week

First week with Adalyn has been perfect!!!  She is the best baby so far, well compared to Josiah.  Not that he wasn't good, it's just different.  Josiah kept us on our toes with his belly issues and he didn't like to sleep much.  Adalyn on the other hand slept almost all day everyday.  I was a little concerned at first but she was waking up to eat and is eating very well so I wasn't too worried.  

There has been a lot of cuddling going on around here!  Josiah has to be the best big brother!  I knew he was going to be good with Adalyn, but I didn't realize how good!  I hope he stays that way towards her forever!  He will be playing around the house and just run up to her and give her kisses!!  One of us will be holding her and he will say I want to see baby Adalyn and we have to bend down to let him see her and kiss her! 


Adalyn has so many bows!  I love them, but always feel so bad when she has them on!!  They are bigger than her head.  Most of the time I will take a picture of her in them and then take it off!!  Haha!!!

Is this not the sweetest?  We had her newborn pictures taken last week and I wanted a few of Josiah and her together, but he wouldn't pose for the photographer.  But as soon as she left this is the picture I got!

We have had a lot of company and Josiah has loved it!  This is Ava and Josiah eating dinner together!  They were so stinkin' cute together!

Adalyn was meeting her best friend Mady for the first time!  I think they are going to be best buds just like me and Rach!!!

I just love this picture!!  Josh was about to do homework and I snapped this picture.  She loves her daddy!!

Josiah isn't used to staying in the house for too long so every once in awhile we sneak out so he can get some sunshine!! 

Our first week as a family of four has been absolutely wonderful!!  Don't get me wrong, we haven't been lucky enough to be well rested, but nothing to complain about!  Since Josh is off right now we take shifts and I think it has been working out very good so far.  We head to Adalyn's first doctor's appointment this week!  I can't wait to see how much she has grown.  The girl is loving to eat!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adalyn's Birthday

Thursday we headed to the doctor's office in hopes of meeting our baby girl!  That appointment seemed like it took forever.  Then the doctor said the best thing ever!!  "Let's go to labor and delivery"!  We headed over there thinking it was going to be later in the afternoon before we were able to go back for a C-section.  Little did we know within 2 hours we would see Adalyn for the first time.  I got dressed in my little hair net and my other attire for the OR.  Then I waited for the birthmom to be prepped.  I was so anxious!  Time stood still. 

Once I got back into the OR it was literally 11 minutes and Adalyn was born.  It was such an amazing experience!!!!  I was so lucky to be able to be back there when she was born. 

One of the sweet nurses took a picture of me and Adalyn as I waited for the birthmom to finish her surgery. 

I asked if I could sneak Josh back there for a few minutes so he could meet his sweet little daughter!  Look at his face!!!  That is one proud daddy right there!!!!

A few hours later Josiah came up to see his baby sister!  He was so curious about her and so sweet!!!  He wanted to hold her!  This was us looking into the nursery!

We ended up staying at the hospital for two nights while Josiah spent the night with my parents.  We thought it would be a great idea to take some time out and take Josiah to the mall to ride the train and get some cookies!!  We had a blast.  We also headed over to Toys R Us and bought him a new scooter! 

What an amazing experience this last 7+ months have been.  If it wasn't for the amazing birthmom we wouldn't have experienced ultrasounds, doctors appointments, feeling Adalyn kick, the actual C-section, staying in the hospital and mostly meeting our daughter.  Words can never express how we feel towards her.  She holds a special place in our hearts and can never explain how blessed we are because of her.  I just pray for her and I know God will continue to bless her in so many ways.  What an amazing woman she is! 

Adalyn Grace, you are so special.  You mean the world to us and can't wait to see what God has in store for you, and for our new family of four!  Life is good and God is great!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

She's Here!!!

10:26 a.m.
6 lbs 13 oz and 19 3/4 long

Everyone is doing great!!! Hoping to go home today and start as a family of four!!!!!!