Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day

I am so thankful for another day on this earth with all of the people that I love! My family and friends mean the world to me and I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life!

We got up Thursday morning and got ready. We had to be at my aunt's at 12:00 to eat. Boogie was a busy body and played with their vacuum the whole time. I was looking through my photos a few minutes ago and realized we didn't get one family picture on Thanksgiving :( Josiah riding the motorcycle...

Playing basketball

We left my aunt and uncle's and ran up to Old Navy. If you had an Old Navy card you received the same deals as you would if you went on Black Friday! I don't usually like the way Old Navy jeans fit, but I couldn't pass up jeans for $15! Josh and I racked up on some clothes and are going to wrap them up as our presents!

After buying out Old Navy we headed to Josh's parents! We had a house full! Here is Josiah playing with his cousins... He is in heaven when they are around!

Here is Josh and Daddy scoping out the deals for Black Friday...

We were going to get up and go to Khol's and Walmart but Thursday night we decided against it! I didn't really wanna wake up that early and then be tired for our vacation! I have a ton of pictures to post from our vacation! We had so much fun and I am sad that it is over and Josh is back at work. I hope to get those pictures up soon, but I have a ton of things to do for Jaime's shower on Saturday and Josh needs the computer for his 1o page paper that is due on Friday!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Turkey Day!

I have so much to be thankful for! God has blessed me and my family with so much! He is amazing!

We aren't ready yet, so I don't have a picture of our lil' man, but here he is last year!
I almost can't remember him this tiny and it makes me a little sad! He has changed so much and has the best personality! Happy 2nd Thanksgiving baby boy!
I will post probably Monday or Tuesday! Josh, Josiah and I decided to go on a mini vacation at the last minute! We leave tomorrow and come back Monday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Hair CUT

I have been dreading this day! I love his curls..but they were getting a little wild. I called my friend Amber up and she said that she would cut it! I was a little nervous because he was fussy all afternoon, but he ended up doing very good!

Look how long it was when it was wet...

This is the finish product! It looks soo CUTE!

I heart this little boy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shower Invites

I got Jaime's baby shower invites out last week! I couldn't get a great picture of the inside of the invite so I didn't post one. Wendi, Rachel and I have been working on all the decorations and planning! I can't wait to see how it all comes together! Hobby Lobby and Joanns have become my best friend! I feel like I go there at least twice a week. I am actually about to head there now! HA!
We have 2 weeks till the big day and 21,398,473 things to do!
I will post more pictures once the party is over because I don't want Jaime to see them!
I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16 Months

My sweet baby is 16 months OLD!!! I haven't posted a monthly post in forever so I thought I would do it today! He is doing so many things and is the smartest little boy ever! (Haha I think every parent says that!)

  • He is wearing 18-24 month clothes and 24 month old pjs
  • He started being very picky with food! Up until now he has ate everything. If you put something on his plate and he won't eat it all you have to do is put ketchup next to eat and he will eat it. He will dunk anything and everything in ketchup; peanut butter sandwich, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, chicken nuggets, etc.
  • We finally got rid of his night time bottle about 3 weeks ago and he never even noticed! I think it was harder for my and daddy! Josh always gave Josiah his night time bottle so that was their time.
  • He started to watch "Mick" (Mickey) on t.v. This is the first show that keeps his interest.
  • He is starting to talk a little more. He says momma, dadda, gaga (for Granny), pop, baa (for Uncle Bobby), moe (more), mal (for mali our dog), mick, and the list could go on.
  • He can tell you how old he is by sticking up his pointer finger.
  • You can tell him to squint and he does this:

  • He has started copying every motion you make! This is by far the funniest thing ever! The other day the Eagles were on TV and they scored so Josh got up and started dancing and Josiah tried to do the same thing! Hilarious!

I could brag for days! This age is so much fun! I love him and I am so blessed to be able to stay home with him and see him grow up!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Babies and Weddings and Family OH MY!

Thursday baby Ava was born!!! Here is Josh and Josiah waiting to see her!!
Here is Amanda and Ava! ADORABLE!

Josiah running around the hospital having fun waiting on his girlfriend!

Friday night I went to help my cousin and his fiance decorate for their wedding, but first we went to Sidelines to eat! They did a simple wedding with their close friends and family!
Here is the decorations on Saturday it turned out beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith

Me, Aunt Pris, and Mom

Josh and I at the wedding! It was such a gorgeous day!

My Aunt and Uncle

After the wedding we went to the Grand Marlin to eat! It was pretty good! We finished up eating and everyone headed out to party and Josh and I went to go get Josiah. I missed him so much!
Sunday Josh went to help his Grandpa and her fiance move into their new house while I went to Fairhope with my mom and Josiah to see my Great Aunt in the hospital. We had a ton of family time this weekend and I loved every minute of it! I love living so close to family!!
I'm hoping to have a relaxing week before we have another busy weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our sweet friends, Amanda and Matt, are on the way to the hospital to have their little girl!!!! I am so excited for them! As soon as we get "the call" we are headed up there! I made this cute little shirt that says "Ava's BF" for Josiah to wear when we go!!!
We joke around with Amanda and Matt all the time that our kids are going to marry each other! So I figured we would start with Ava's Boyfriend first! HA!
I can't wait to meet Miss Ava Miley soon!!!
FYI - this shirt was super easy to make! I don't know how long it will last because I haven't made one before. All I did was cut the letters with the Cricut on a piece of paper and then traced it onto some fabric. I then use some fabric glue (spray) to glue it to the shirt!

Going Back to Philly

Josh and I decided yesterday since we don't get to see each other very often, due to his work schedule lately, that we would have a date night after Josiah went to bed!!! Josh played with Josiah while I went up to Philly's to get us dinner. Josh has been wanting to try this place since we moved back but it never happened.

When we were in Philadelphia we tried a real cheese steak sandwich, but I didn't like it because it was too fatty. Well these were delicious and didn't have any fat on them! We will definitely be going back to Philly! I wish we could go back to Philadelphia...maybe next year!!!

I had a great night with my hubby!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ketchup Post from the Past Week

Crystal, Wendi and Jaime came over for breakfast last week! We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. It was sooo good! After eating breakfast Wendi and I took Crystal to the airport and then met up with Jaime at Hobby Lobby. Josiah kissing baby Carter! HA
Josiah has never been one to watch t.v. and I am okay with that. I sometimes wish he would just for a few so I could get something done, but I don't want him to watch a lot of it anyway. Well, I turned on Mickey Mouse the other day and this is how he watches it.... He doesn't sit still while watching and he doesn't watch it for very long, but it does keep his attention for 3 or so minutes! He will walk out to the living room, point at the t.v. and say "Mick" for Mickey! He so cute!

Another thing that we have found that he LOVES is ketchup. This breaks my heart just a little bit because I am a mustard eating fool and have never liked ketchup...I know I'm weird. He will dip ANYTHING in ketchup...and I mean anything. One day I gave him some tomatoes and then I put ketchup on his plate because I was about to give him some chicken nuggets. Well, he started dipping his tomatoes in ketchup! HA

I bought him some crayons the other day. I realize he may be a little young for them, but he loves to draw with a pen so I thought crayons would be better.

Josh has been working his butt off the past week. I hate it! But I know it has to be done. He worked 60-70 hours last week. Josiah was in bed almost every night when Josh got home. I was so excited that it was the weekend until Josh told me he had to work on Saturday.
Friday Rachel came over so we could work on some stuff for Jaime's baby shower! (I can't wait to post pictures of the invites at the end of the week!!) We had a great time just hanging out! I cooked some Taco Soup for us while Josh gave Josiah a bath. When Josh got done he said he felt sick :( I thought he might have the stomach virus so I made him stay in our room and I cleaned everything that I thought he had touched. If you know me..I do NOT like anything to do with the stomach virus. This sounds bad...but I didn't even sleep in our room that night...I slept on the couch.
Saturday Josh got up and went to work (he felt much better and he said he thinks he just had a really bad migraine that made him sick). I was exhausted and Josiah wasn't wanting to nap so I called my mom and asked her to come pick up Josiah so I could rest a little bit. They went to Jerry's Drive-In to eat and then took him to Sam's. I didn't rest though, instead I cleaned. Josh got home and we spent some time together. I miss him!:(
Sunday we got up and got ready and headed to Foley, Alabama to the outlet mall! We were on a mission to buy all of us some winter clothes!! Guess who came home with some clothes?? Josiah...Guess who didn't?? Josh and I. Why is it when you want to spend money you can't find anything, but when you don't have money you can find something? We left Foley and headed to the Art Festival downtown and met up with Lindsay and Chris. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures. We ended the night with eating at my parents!
This week is another busy week for Josh and I am not looking forward to that, but I am so thankful that he has a job!!
FYI - Josh has lot 17.5 pounds and I have lost 5.8 pounds! I am so proud of Josh! He has so much will power..if I could only find some! HA! I wake up thinking about chocolate!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am hungry.

Josh and his work decided it would be a great idea to start biggest loser. So we have nothing but healthy food in our house.
  • The plus side - he is the only male and he could/probably will win $300.
  • The downside - I heart candy, chocolate, food in no particular order.

So I am sitting here wishing I had NOT given all my Halloween candy away...

Did I say I was hungry? Because I am...

Josh is doing awesome he has lost 10+ pounds...i have lost 4...

Tomorrow I am having some of the girls over for breakfast. Crystal is in town, but leaves tomorrow afternoon so my friend Jaime thought it was a great idea to cook breakfast over at my house! I can't wait! Jaime is pregnant and is in love with food right now so I can't wait to see what all she got!

Can you tell I am daydreaming about food??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adopting in the future

Josh and I are still thinking about adopting again, but we aren't sure if its the best time right now. We just moved into a new house and have had a lot of upfront cost. We are leaving it up to God to lead us in whatever direction He has planned for us.

With that being said, the lady from Bethany Christian Agency called us today and asked if we were still thinking about adopting. I wanted to say YES RIGHT NOW, lets get this process started...but I don't know yet. So I asked her to send us some info so we know what all we have to do this time around. I'm not sure if we have to do everything again since we went through their agency last time. She said that there is approximately 15 adoptive families waiting. I told her that we would be up to any race again and she said that there is only 2 families on that list. I know this time around it won't go so quickly since they say once you have a child it is harder to get placed..but you never know! We have a lot of praying to do!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I had been searching for weeks for Josiah a costume and never found anything that I thought he would wear. He does not like anything on his head so I didn't want to buy a $35 costume that had a hat.

Saturday morning I called my mom and asked her to make us some breakfast! (I really needed to go to the grocery store). We headed over to her house for some homemade biscuits. After we left there Josh, Josiah and I went on a costume hunt. I had been looking for a costume for weeks. Josiah hates anything on his head so I didn't want to buy a costume for $25 that had a hat. I was frantically searching for a costume. We ended up at Walmart and saw this cute Cowboy costume!

Saturday night we dressed him up and took him to a trunk-or-treat! We really just went up there to see Rachel and her family, but we had a great time!

Josiah and Aunt Rachel
I love this family picture!

After we left Rach's church we came home and Jaime, Brad, Amber, and my brother came over to hang out by the fire pit.

We made some smores! Mine didn't turn out the prettiest but it was AWESOME!

Sunday was actually the day that Trick-or-Treating went on in our city. My Aunt and Uncle brought chili and my mom, dad, brother and friends stopped by!
Josiah eating a cupcake..my child LOVES sweets...

Me and my love..

Chris, Aunt Lindsay, Josiah, me, and Josh
Aunt Lindsay and J-Man