Monday, November 8, 2010

Ketchup Post from the Past Week

Crystal, Wendi and Jaime came over for breakfast last week! We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. It was sooo good! After eating breakfast Wendi and I took Crystal to the airport and then met up with Jaime at Hobby Lobby. Josiah kissing baby Carter! HA
Josiah has never been one to watch t.v. and I am okay with that. I sometimes wish he would just for a few so I could get something done, but I don't want him to watch a lot of it anyway. Well, I turned on Mickey Mouse the other day and this is how he watches it.... He doesn't sit still while watching and he doesn't watch it for very long, but it does keep his attention for 3 or so minutes! He will walk out to the living room, point at the t.v. and say "Mick" for Mickey! He so cute!

Another thing that we have found that he LOVES is ketchup. This breaks my heart just a little bit because I am a mustard eating fool and have never liked ketchup...I know I'm weird. He will dip ANYTHING in ketchup...and I mean anything. One day I gave him some tomatoes and then I put ketchup on his plate because I was about to give him some chicken nuggets. Well, he started dipping his tomatoes in ketchup! HA

I bought him some crayons the other day. I realize he may be a little young for them, but he loves to draw with a pen so I thought crayons would be better.

Josh has been working his butt off the past week. I hate it! But I know it has to be done. He worked 60-70 hours last week. Josiah was in bed almost every night when Josh got home. I was so excited that it was the weekend until Josh told me he had to work on Saturday.
Friday Rachel came over so we could work on some stuff for Jaime's baby shower! (I can't wait to post pictures of the invites at the end of the week!!) We had a great time just hanging out! I cooked some Taco Soup for us while Josh gave Josiah a bath. When Josh got done he said he felt sick :( I thought he might have the stomach virus so I made him stay in our room and I cleaned everything that I thought he had touched. If you know me..I do NOT like anything to do with the stomach virus. This sounds bad...but I didn't even sleep in our room that night...I slept on the couch.
Saturday Josh got up and went to work (he felt much better and he said he thinks he just had a really bad migraine that made him sick). I was exhausted and Josiah wasn't wanting to nap so I called my mom and asked her to come pick up Josiah so I could rest a little bit. They went to Jerry's Drive-In to eat and then took him to Sam's. I didn't rest though, instead I cleaned. Josh got home and we spent some time together. I miss him!:(
Sunday we got up and got ready and headed to Foley, Alabama to the outlet mall! We were on a mission to buy all of us some winter clothes!! Guess who came home with some clothes?? Josiah...Guess who didn't?? Josh and I. Why is it when you want to spend money you can't find anything, but when you don't have money you can find something? We left Foley and headed to the Art Festival downtown and met up with Lindsay and Chris. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures. We ended the night with eating at my parents!
This week is another busy week for Josh and I am not looking forward to that, but I am so thankful that he has a job!!
FYI - Josh has lot 17.5 pounds and I have lost 5.8 pounds! I am so proud of Josh! He has so much will power..if I could only find some! HA! I wake up thinking about chocolate!

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