Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16 Months

My sweet baby is 16 months OLD!!! I haven't posted a monthly post in forever so I thought I would do it today! He is doing so many things and is the smartest little boy ever! (Haha I think every parent says that!)

  • He is wearing 18-24 month clothes and 24 month old pjs
  • He started being very picky with food! Up until now he has ate everything. If you put something on his plate and he won't eat it all you have to do is put ketchup next to eat and he will eat it. He will dunk anything and everything in ketchup; peanut butter sandwich, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, chicken nuggets, etc.
  • We finally got rid of his night time bottle about 3 weeks ago and he never even noticed! I think it was harder for my and daddy! Josh always gave Josiah his night time bottle so that was their time.
  • He started to watch "Mick" (Mickey) on t.v. This is the first show that keeps his interest.
  • He is starting to talk a little more. He says momma, dadda, gaga (for Granny), pop, baa (for Uncle Bobby), moe (more), mal (for mali our dog), mick, and the list could go on.
  • He can tell you how old he is by sticking up his pointer finger.
  • You can tell him to squint and he does this:

  • He has started copying every motion you make! This is by far the funniest thing ever! The other day the Eagles were on TV and they scored so Josh got up and started dancing and Josiah tried to do the same thing! Hilarious!

I could brag for days! This age is so much fun! I love him and I am so blessed to be able to stay home with him and see him grow up!

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