Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adopting in the future

Josh and I are still thinking about adopting again, but we aren't sure if its the best time right now. We just moved into a new house and have had a lot of upfront cost. We are leaving it up to God to lead us in whatever direction He has planned for us.

With that being said, the lady from Bethany Christian Agency called us today and asked if we were still thinking about adopting. I wanted to say YES RIGHT NOW, lets get this process started...but I don't know yet. So I asked her to send us some info so we know what all we have to do this time around. I'm not sure if we have to do everything again since we went through their agency last time. She said that there is approximately 15 adoptive families waiting. I told her that we would be up to any race again and she said that there is only 2 families on that list. I know this time around it won't go so quickly since they say once you have a child it is harder to get placed..but you never know! We have a lot of praying to do!


atl cavins said...

you never know :-) we already had a child, and look how quickly tyson came into our lives!!!!

i am excited about watching you all take this journey again...whenever that will be!!

Nicole said...

I know I thought about yall when I wrote that!!!!

I hope yall are doing good! :)