Monday, November 15, 2010

Babies and Weddings and Family OH MY!

Thursday baby Ava was born!!! Here is Josh and Josiah waiting to see her!!
Here is Amanda and Ava! ADORABLE!

Josiah running around the hospital having fun waiting on his girlfriend!

Friday night I went to help my cousin and his fiance decorate for their wedding, but first we went to Sidelines to eat! They did a simple wedding with their close friends and family!
Here is the decorations on Saturday it turned out beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith

Me, Aunt Pris, and Mom

Josh and I at the wedding! It was such a gorgeous day!

My Aunt and Uncle

After the wedding we went to the Grand Marlin to eat! It was pretty good! We finished up eating and everyone headed out to party and Josh and I went to go get Josiah. I missed him so much!
Sunday Josh went to help his Grandpa and her fiance move into their new house while I went to Fairhope with my mom and Josiah to see my Great Aunt in the hospital. We had a ton of family time this weekend and I loved every minute of it! I love living so close to family!!
I'm hoping to have a relaxing week before we have another busy weekend!

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