Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I had been searching for weeks for Josiah a costume and never found anything that I thought he would wear. He does not like anything on his head so I didn't want to buy a $35 costume that had a hat.

Saturday morning I called my mom and asked her to make us some breakfast! (I really needed to go to the grocery store). We headed over to her house for some homemade biscuits. After we left there Josh, Josiah and I went on a costume hunt. I had been looking for a costume for weeks. Josiah hates anything on his head so I didn't want to buy a costume for $25 that had a hat. I was frantically searching for a costume. We ended up at Walmart and saw this cute Cowboy costume!

Saturday night we dressed him up and took him to a trunk-or-treat! We really just went up there to see Rachel and her family, but we had a great time!

Josiah and Aunt Rachel
I love this family picture!

After we left Rach's church we came home and Jaime, Brad, Amber, and my brother came over to hang out by the fire pit.

We made some smores! Mine didn't turn out the prettiest but it was AWESOME!

Sunday was actually the day that Trick-or-Treating went on in our city. My Aunt and Uncle brought chili and my mom, dad, brother and friends stopped by!
Josiah eating a child LOVES sweets...

Me and my love..

Chris, Aunt Lindsay, Josiah, me, and Josh
Aunt Lindsay and J-Man

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