Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stressed over nothing!

Today I had my individual interview with the adoption specialist. For those of you that didn't know I was suppose to have it on Monday, but Stacy called and rescheduled it for today (Wednesday). So this gave me 2 extra days to worry about it!!!! I got up at 5:30 since I had to drive 40 miles to Atlanta and be there by 9:00. So I left the house around 7:30 which I thought was plenty of time. I drove about 15 miles and it took me about 45 minutes! 8:30 rolls around and I start to get nervous because I still had a little ways to go. Finally I arrived and realized I was almost 15 minutes early!!!!! I went into the interview thinking they were going to ask really hard questions...which they did, but they were most of the questions we had to answer on our Self Study we had to fill out a couple of weeks ago. So I stressed over nothing!!! I always do that...I set myself up by worrying and when something is over I always think to myself that it was nothing to worry about! Something I am trying to work on! So now all we have left is to get our fingerprints done, which we are doing Friday and do our CPR course that we are doing March 21st. After that we wait for all of our paperwork to come in (very slow process) and then we can have our home visit. I will fill very relieved once we have that done.

So....over the weekend my dad came to visit with Josh and I. We hadn't seen him since Christmas so it was very good to see him! We had an awesome visit even though the weather was awful the whole weekend. Dad and I hung out Friday while Josh worked and we went and bought a glider for the baby's room and then we put it together! Saturday Josh, dad, and I put the crib together and I absolutely LOVE it! Those are the only two items we have so far for the baby's room...we are just buying things here and there so when we do get the call about our baby that we won't have to spend a fortune all at once. Here are a few pictures of the room so far....