Friday, August 22, 2014

M&Ms and School Talk

Josiah started kindergarten this week!!! OMG...I can't believe it.  I will do another post later about that (hopefully...ha!)
I don't know about your kids...but Josiah never wants to tell me how his day went.  Last year in Pre-k I would ask him and he would say "I can't remember."  Thankfully, before we moved I had friends that their kids would tell them about their day so I would get the scoop from them. 
We had an incident when we first move here that one of the kids were being very mean to Josiah and I didn't find out until the teacher conference at the end of the year.  Well since we are new here, I don't have anyone to ask yet.  I was determined to get a little bit of information out of him.  I decided to have an M&M Questionnaire.  I would let him have one fun size pack of M&M's and he had to tell me a color and I would ask that question on that color that I previously made. 

This worked great and he even opened up about some other things they did at school!!!  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and Instagram and everyone loved it so I thought I would share on here so maybe it will help out other parents too!!! 

I think I am going to try to do this once a week in hopes that I can get him to start talking to me just a little bit about school!!! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beach Week in Pensacola

Last week we headed back to Pensacola (the kids and I were there for three weeks prior to this!!)  We rented a beach house as we do every year!! 
Josh and I decided to have our friends over the first night!  It was so good seeing all of them!!!  We miss them like crazy!

The rest of the week we spent with the family. 

One night Josh and Josiah went to  Blue Wahoos game with our friend Porter. 

We fished and fished some more.  I don't know when I started to like fishing (it's new), but I could literally do it all day long!!!!

Uncle Bobby loved sitting on the front porch watching the ladies errrr....maybe the blue angles too!!!

One of the days Josh, Josiah and I went on a charter boat in the bay!  It was the first time Josiah went and he did great!  He caught some great fish.  Captain Tim was amazing with Josiah and very patient. 

Josh and I stayed up WAY too late at night to fish but it was so much fun!!! 

We were lucky enough to see the Blue Angels fly a few days which was pretty cool.  Josiah loved them but Adalyn said they were "too loud!"

I am so sad that we had to come home but we had such a great time!!!  I love the beach and the memories that are made there!!  Till next time Pensacola Beach!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We were trying to think of something fun an inexpensive to do this weekend.  They have a drive thru safari close by and we were thinking about doing that when someone at Josh's work told him about Kids' Day at the Razorback stadium.  We ran out and got us some razorback attire because we didn't want to stick out in the crowds.  Man, I'm so glad we went!  It was beautiful out and we had so much fun!  Vendors had tents set up handing out free samples of stuff like yogurt, cereal bars, hand sanitizer, etc. and then they had at ton of blow up slides/bouncy houses for the kids!  

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  We are supposed to get really bad weather in a few hours.  Bring it on first severe storm since we moved.....jk please just pass over with some light sprinkling.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014's been forever since I long that I'm not even sure where to start...or how to write anymore!

I guess first thing first.  We moved!!!!!  Again!!!

Josh got offered a job (without even looking for one) and we felt God placed it in our path...not quite sure why yet, but we are trusting in Him.  It's hard leaving everyone and everything that we know and moving 700+ miles.  But I truly think this is the right thing to do and I'm excited to see how things work out!!!  Our family and friends promise to visit and you know me...I can't stay away from the beach so I will be back!  Maybe I can talk josh into letting me stay in Florida during  the summers!  Ha!!

Things are crazy right now but I'm hoping to get back into this whole blogging thing again purely for my records!!  I love looking back on old posts and seeing the pictures of my babies!!!!