Monday, May 30, 2011

Chris and LIndsay's Engagement Party

My best friend Lindsay and her fiance Chris are getting married in 8 months!!! They had their engagement party on Saturday! It was a blast!

The bride and groom-to-be

Crystal, Rach, Amber, Lindsay, me and Jenny

Josiah's future wifey

My (other)best friend

Kissing his wifey-to-be night night!

Lindsay and Jenny

Lindsay and me

Amber and Lindsay

Rachel and Lindsay

Lindsay, Mr. Bill, and Mrs. Cathy

Lindsay's aunt Deborah, Lindsay and Mrs. Cathy

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day! I want to thank all the men and women that have served! We didn't do much, Josh had to work and it was my mom's birthday so we hung out over there all day!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jordan and Brandon's Engagement Party

Last Saturday we attended Jordan and Brandon's engagement party! We had a really good time! Sometime it is hard for us to go to go around a big group of people because Josiah gets so shy, but he ended up being pretty good!!!

Adam and Beth

Lindsay and I...her engagement party is this weekend!!!

Josiah, me, Heather, Crys and Lauren

Brad, Jaime, Ms. Monica and Carter

My little man and I

All the boys!

My sweet family

This is my friend Christina, we don't get to hang out with her much and Josiah has never met her before. Everywhere we go, he finds a girl and starts flirting with her. Well this was "his girl" of the night! He is so funny!!!!

Carter and Jordan

Amber and Will

The bride and groom to be

Josh and Josiah playing on the swing rope

It was great hanging out with everyone this past weekend! Sunday we got up and headed to the beach, we came back home so Josiah could nap and then we went swimming at mom and dad's!! Josiah LOVES the water and that is an understatement. I am so glad, because nothing is better than playing in the water at the beach or the swimming pool!

It's almost FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bff's engagement party is this weekend and I cannot wait!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Water Baby!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Phone Call

I've been trying to decide if I should write about this or not, but then I started to think....I write the blog so people can follow our story of adoption to see how it all happens and for myself so I can remember the most important days of our lives.

The other day I wrote about how we received a phone call that could possibly change our lives! We don't have much information but we know that there is a young lady that made the decision to place her child for adoption. One of our friend's mom's told them about Josh and I and they are going to call us in the next few weeks to maybe set up a time to meet.

When you are an adoptive parent you always know in the back of your mind that you may not be chosen or the birthparents may choose to parent their baby. Before we were blessed with Josiah we had a few babies that were mentioned to us but nothing ever happened. At the time we were a little upset, but as soon as Josiah came into our lives we knew that God had a plan for us all along. He knew Josiah was meant to be in our lives so the other children didn't work out. I truly believe that God already has our next baby picked out for us. Is it this little girl?! I would hope so, everything seems so right so far, but only time will tell! I pray that God will be with the birthmother through this tough time. I pray that God will guide the birthmother in the right direction to help her choose the best parents for her whether it be us or another couple.

With all that being said, I am excited!!!!!!!! I can deal with a little disappointment if we aren't the adoptive parents but I want to be excited just in case we are chosen!!! I ask that you continue to pray for everyone. I will keep you guys posted when I find out something in the next few weeks!

"Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust" Psalm 40:4

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Josiah Facts

  • I love when Josiah wakes up in the morning or from his nap and he likes to cuddle with me!! This is probably my favorite time of the day and I treasure every second of it! I know before too long he will not even want me around!

  • Josiah has been peeing on the potty at least 1-2 times a day for a few months now. I am not pressuring him by any means, but if he tells me he has to go we rush to the potty! He is getting so big!

  • He is definitely into the terrible twos. We have good days and bad days. I am trying different things so hopefully I will figure out how to control his anger. I can deal with the temper tantrums, they don't bother me, but when he hits that annoys me more than ever!

  • He is also in a stage where if we get in big crowds he kind of freaks out. He clinches on to me and will not talk/play with anyone else.

  • Josiah loves to be outside!!! We are out there almost all day! We are either playing with the water hose or at the park!

  • He LOVES baths. His new thing is to lay flat on his back and "float". He is so particular about everything! There cannot be anything in the bathtub while he "floats". The only thing he hates about taking baths is getting out of the bath...this is a big time fight that happens every night.

  • He also LOVES to brush his teeth/play with the water/eat toothpaste. This is another fight that we deal with when trying to get him to quit brushing his teeth/playing in the water/ eating toothpaste.

  • When he stays the night away he sleeps in a big boy bed, but we haven't converted his crib at our house yet...maybe soon?

  • He only takes a binky at nap and bedtime and this will be coming to an end by his second birthday.

  • His birthday is in less than 2 months and he will be 2!!! OMG..the time has flown by!!!

  • He is so funny these days he makes me laugh constantly throughout the day and even though we have temper tantrums and he tells me "NO" 400 times a day I LOVE every minute of it and would not change anything!

  • Another AWESOME thing....he has always called me "momma" which is so sweet, but now he calls me "mommy" and it melts my heart every.single.time!!!!! It is music to my ears!

Anniversay Staycation!

Since the day we got married I wanted to throw another HUGE party on our 5 year anniversary! I love having all of our friends and family in one place, it is always a good time! We thought about going on a trip somewhere, but decided we didn't want to leave Josiah for a long period of time. I don't think we could have made a better decision than going to the beach....minus the fact that I REALLY, really want to move there. I have always been a huge fan of the beach. We used to stay there on spring break and during the summer, but I love it even more now...if that is possible! I don't know if it is because we moved away for 4 years and I missed it so much or what but I am in LOVE all over again!!!!

The name of our house was Tan and Broke (not sure why, but we joked that after staying there we were tan and BROKE!) I posted a picture of the house a few posts back.. Josiah enjoyed it too!

He thought he was super cool in his sun glasses!!! (so did I!)

I love this picture

Our family!

He didn't like that is bathing suit was wet so he asked if he could take it off..

One of the best parts about the whole vacation was that I learned how to surf. I can't believe it took me 26 years to actually try to surf. I love it and can't wait to do it! I had bruises all over me and I was so sore but it was a blast.

This is Josh surfing

This is me standing up..but the wave wasn't big enough to ride!

Jaime and Lindsay talking to Carter

Rach and baby Carter

Sweet boy

Lauren and Amanda

We had so much fun and I am so happy so many people got to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with us! Now I just need to find another reason to stay out at the beach again..hmmm.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} do you watch the history channel? if so, what’s your favorite program?
NO...NO...NO....I dislike it very much....

{two} what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
stay inside, unless i'm staying at the beach then i like to sit on the front porch and watch it rain

{three} what does your dream house look like?
a house on the beach for sure...don't care what it looks like really!

{four} what state were you born in?

{five} do you have a change jar? if so, what do you use it for when it gets full?

yes. i think last time we had a full jar we used it towards our adoption expenses, we will probably do the same this time!

{six} what’s the first website you look at when you get on the computer?

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast?

yum! i love breakfast food! probably waffles, eggs and bacon

{eight} what’s the most memorable trip you've ever taken?
recent? probably trip to Philadelphia and NY, when i was younger? a trip out west with my family

{nine} do you prefer your coffee black or with cream/milk/sugar?
i don't drink coffee at all, i'm probably the ONLY person that doesn't even like the smell of coffee, but josh loves his BLACK

{ten} have you ever done a professional photo shoot?


Saturday, May 14, 2011


I want to say Happy Anniversary to the best man in the world (a day late!) We have been having so much fun at the beach and can't wait to celebrate our 5 years with our friends and family!!!!!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayers Please!!!!

I'm not even sure if anyone reads this anymore! I have been awful about updated! This semester is almost over and hopefully I will be able to update a little more on my 10 day break froom school!!!! I hope everyone had an awesome Mother's Day! I did!!!

I don't usually do this, but I would love if you could pray for our family! We had an unexpected call the other day that could change our lives for the better! Please pray that God will lead us in whatever direction he wants to take us!

I will tell you guys all about it when I know more information. I promise I am not trying to hold out on you, but I want to get a little bit more information before I share! Thank you!! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family Photos

Two weeks ago we went and got family pictures made by JKW Photography. I think they turned out great!!! I highly recommend Jessaca if you are in the Pensacola/Navarre area!! Here are a few of them!!!!