Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seafood Festival

Ugh..I hate that I only blog once a week!  NO fun!  But hey...guess it is better than none!  Friday Josiah and I headed to the mall.  The only time I get to go to the mall is when we go to ride the train.  I snuck in running into Old Navy for a few minutes, but of course, I didn't buy anything for me!  Ha!  What's new?  I went to look for some winter clothes and they had buy one get one 75% off!  I got two zip up sweater jackets for Josiah for $16!!!!  That is what I am talking about!!!!
Here is little man riding the train!!!
Saturday we decided to go downtown for the seafood festival.  Some of our friends were playing in their band.  It ended up being way to hot so we didn't get to see the boys play, but we still had a good time!

This is absolutely gross to me, but Josiah had fun doing it.  The kids painted an actual mullet and then used it like  a stamp on a piece of paper to make their fish painting.  I can't imagine how bad that stunk after a few hours.
Sunday we went over to my mom's to eat.  Every time we go over there to eat she bakes something!!!  Here is Josiah helping as usual!  He loves the beater!?  Who can blame him? 

I wanted to keep everyone posted.  We are almost done with all of our paperwork for the adoption!  We got the dogs immunizations Monday and Josh and I have doctors appointments this week and I think that will complete everything that we need!  We are trying to set up our home study for Friday, October 14th!  Can't wait!!!!!  It seems to be moving pretty quickly this time around!!  Please keep us in your prayers!!!

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