Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Chocolate and Facebook

As Easter sneaks up on us I am a little sad that my 46 days without chocolate might come to an end.  I love chocolate don't get me wrong.  BUT I have felt great not eating it!  I'm afraid now that since I can eat it I might.  I'm hoping I won't but I know myself all too well.  I have lost 4-6 pounds since I stopped eating it.  That is not the reason why I gave it up but it is a plus!  I know if I eat just once piece I will continue to eat it.  Maybe I will surprise myself!!! :)  I hope so!  I will keep y'all posted! :)

Being without facebook has been pretty nice besides the fact that I am now addicted to instagram!  I think I am going to continue to not get on it as much.  There is absolutely no reason why I need to get on there 2,039,843 times a day.  Nothing is that important!!  Well....I hope everyone as a great Easter!  I am looking forward to celebrating Jesus and being with family!!

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