Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend (LONG post sorry)

As most of you know we are staying with my parents until our house is built. Well Thursday mom and dad went out of town for 10 days!!!! It's almost like we are living by ourselves once again...kind of. Well Friday night I ran to Walmart to get food for a cookout/pool party that we were having on Saturday. I had told everyone to bring the meat they wanted to eat and we would cook the sides. I decided to cook mac-n-cheese, baked beans, spinach and artichoke dip and apple dump cake! YUM!

Saturday I got up super early and started cooking everything. I also had to bake cookies for a cookout that we had later that day for my cousins birthday. It was a lil' stressful but everything turned out great. Everyone got here around noon and we had ate and swam in the pool! I think everyone had a good time! I know Josiah did! He loves being in the pool. We hung out until 4 and then we headed to my cousins for another cookout and pool party. We were exhausted.

Sunday I rolled over in bed and looked at the clock and realized it was 8:30. We were supposed to be at my Aunt's house for breakfast at 8:30. Josiah NEVER sleeps until 8:30, I think he knew it was Father's Day so he let his daddy sleep in! Thanks Josiah! :) We hurried over to my Aunt's to eat some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! We brought Josiah home to nap and then went over to Josh's parents' house. After Josiah's afternoon nap we went to Chilis to eat! (I think we spent the whole weekend EATING! That's why starting today I am cutting back!)

I am so thankful to have an amazing daddy! I am also grateful for having Josh for Josiah's dad! He does everything to make sure that we have the best life possible! He Rocks! I love you Joshy and thank you for everything! Josiah is one lucky lil' man!

Here are a few pictures from the last week...

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