Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Party, Dinner, and Beach

Friday night we did absolutely NOTHING! It was nice to just sit home and relax a little!

Saturday we took Josiah over to his grandparents' house so we could clean up the house before my mom and dad got back in town. We were hoping to clean and then hang out by the pool before we went and picked Josiah up, but we were both missing him so we picked him up early! Saturday afternoon we just hung around and then I went and picked up Chik-fil-a. I am addicted to their Spicy Chicken sandwich...OMGEEE! I went and picked up my mom and dad at the airport at 11:00 that night. It was so good to see them!

Sunday was busy! We got up and ate breakfast with the family. Josh went to the gun show with dad and my brother and I went to Khol's and Target while mom watched Josiah! I was trying to find Josiah some shoes (no luck) and I had to get a birthday present for Josiah's little friend. I got home from shopping and rushed out the door to go to Cooper's birthday party. I was just going to meet up with Jaime and go but Josh got done at the gun show and went with us! Here is Josiah! He was happy to be going to a birthday party!
The party was a lot of fun and it was decorated very cute! We only stayed for about an hour because it was lil man's nap time and he needed to get some sleep before we headed to the beach for dinner!
Josh and I before going to dinner at Peg Leg's with the family

Haha! This picture cracks me up! He was eating a lemon which despite his face he really did enjoy!
After going to Peg Leg's to eat we walked over to the beach to see how bad it actually was. The part of the beach we went to was not that bad, but I have seen pictures that are devastating! It was didn't smell like the salty beach that I am use to..It really does break my heart.

Walking out to the beach

Tar balls

My favorite boys!

Josiah wasn't sure about walking on his own on the sand

My husband...being him! That's why I love him!

Josiah on the way home...He is so happy! :)

I have been really busy working on stuff for his birthday party and I need to get on the ball and finish up some stuff! I am so excited for it to all come together in a few weeks!


Heather said...

Ha! I love Josiah's face! It's funny the face babies make after eating lemons! They kind of cringe...but Lyla loves them too. Weird! And you hair cut is so cute too, by the way! :)

Nicole said...

Thank you girl! I hope yall are doing good! :)