Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Apoligize sorry about my venting yesterday! I am doing a little better today!

I went this morning to get a Florida driver's license and car tag....that put a damper on my wallet...but it needed to be done!
I don't have anything Super exciting to write about today so I thought I would show this....
Josiah last year on our way to the pumpkin patch in GA

Josiah at the Pumpkin patch this year!

(I think they were making funny noises with their mouths)

He has gotten HUGE! I love seeing him learn new things, but it makes me a little sad to see him grow up soooo fast!


Cassie said...

He has gotten SO big since last halloween! Are you guys gonna go trick-or-treating?! I know he'll look adorable :)

Nicole said...

Cassie- I'm not sure if we are going to take him trick-or-treating yet. I may just go to my parents house or something! I'm a horrible mom and haven't even bought him a costume yet! I just haven't found anything that I thought he would wear. He isn't big on things being on his head. I am going to look tomorrow so hopefully I will find something!

Cassie said...

Your parents would love that :) I know mine would!
Isn't it great having family so close?! That's the #1 reason we have stayed here.