Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking a break....

Whew...Taking a break from packing!

Ok, I'm lying I haven't unpacked one box today! I have been cleaning and organizing my chaos because some of the girls are coming over tonight for chili.

So really I am taking a break from cleaning...

I am so excited for the girls to get together tonight! Crystal is back in town for a little while so I decided to have everyone over so we could all hang out before she heads to Chicago.

They will just have to get over all the boxes in the rooms! My living room, dining room and kitchen are clean though. It is just really hard to unpack with Josiah. Since moving in Josiah has been super clingy. I think he is a little confused.

Hopefully this weekend we will get a lot more done. I just want everything to be put away right so I don't have to deal with it later.

We have a birthday party to go to on Saturday and I think that is it! I am so excited that Josiah is going to get to play with some other kids! I am also looking forward to spending our first weekend in our house as a family! :)

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