Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's for Lunch?!

I wanted to write a post about ideas for lunch and dinners for toddlers....but I have a funny story to tell.

In my last post I was talking about moms that seem to have everything together. Here goes..
Yesterday I got Josiah up from his morning nap. I had him on my hip while I was making him a grilled cheese and cutting up a tomato and banana. He pointed down to his private area which he does when he is about to pee. I was thinking to myself man....that pee was very warm. Well I looked down and I had pee all over my shirt!!!!!!! So I flipped the grilled cheese ran to my room changed my shirt (I had a friend coming over any minute) and then changed his diaper. I then ran over to the pan that the grilled cheese was in and realized I had burnt one side. So what did I do? Make a new one? Don't think so! I pulled the burnt piece off and slapped on a new piece of bread! Making a new sandwich would have taken too long and it would have wasted a piece of bread! HA!

Josiah eating his grilled cheese, bananas and tomatoes.
Like I said....I don't have everything together, but I am trying! :)


Beth said...

I love this Nicole! :) See I told you that you were doing an AWESOME job!! :)

PS - My mom would say Josiah is ready for potty training since he knows to point already!!! :)

Nicole said...

That is what my mom said too! I think we are going to go get a potty soon!