Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty good weekend..minus the broke finger

We had a pretty good weekend! Josh was off Friday because he was building our fence. It was nice to have him home, I just wish he could have hung out a little bit more! Friday night Josh and I hung around the house and got caught up on our shows. This is the only time we really get to watch t.v. so we take advantage of it!

Saturday Josh continued to work on the fence. Josiah and I just played around the house. We decided at the last minute to have people over to watch some football. (I didn't get one picture!)Jaime brought her 2 nieces over so we headed over to the park! Josiah loves being around other kids. He doesn't always play with them but he likes to observe them.

We finished playing up at the park and some of our other friends came over and we cooked out. I love nights in with friends. We put our fine artistic skills into use and played Pictionary. It was hilarious. I am a horrible drawer but it was a good time!

Sunday Josh and a few of his friends were going to finish up the fence. Look at these cute boys in their Eagle shirts.... I fixed cookies for our football party Saturday and I was giving the guys that were working on the fence the rest of them. Josiah REALLY liked them...

I took this picture before Josiah and I went with my parent's to run some errands....

We got back from our errands and mom and I were sitting in the kitchen talking. Our conversation:
Mom: "You know your cousin shot himself in the hand with a nail gun"
Me: "Mom, they have safety caps on them now, I don't think you can shoot without putting the gun on a piece of wood"
Me: "What?"
Mom: "He just shot himself in the hand"
Me: "Whatever" (I thought she was joking) as I look outside and see Josh walk away from the fence..
I then proceeded to freak out...I thought maybe he shot himself in the face or something horrible...I totally freaked out...crying and everything...Little dramatic now that I look back..
Then I saw the nail in his finger.. GROSS! I will save you all from being totally grossed out and not post a pic of that (if you are my friend on facebook sorry). We jumped in the car and headed to West Florida ER. They numbed it and ripped the nail out with pliers. Again..GROSS! They sent him home with good drugs and some antibiotic.
Here he is...I told him his finger looked like one of those foam hands at a baseball/football game! HAHA!
I am so glad that it was just his finger and nothing else! He is very lucky!
Lesson learned: Do NOT let your husband use a nail gun...end of story!

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Beth said...

OMG Nicole! I would have freaked out too!! Poor Josh! Glad he's ok! And I saw what you said on facebook about if it had been Josiah, I'd have probably passed out! Y'alls house looks so cute! Can't wait to see pics of it!! :)