Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I need a drink....that is if I drank......

Today has been one of those days...I don't drink, but tonight I could use something strong! Since I don't drink though I am going to eat a big ol' bowl of ice cream!

Josiah hasn't been feeling good yesterday or today. I went to work yesterday and then picked Josiah up from my Uncle's around 2:30. He felt a little warm but nothing too bad. I came home and checked his temp and it said 102. I called the doctor and they just blew it off and said that it was no big deal just to keep an eye on him.

Well, this morning when he woke up it was 103.5. I called our doctor's office and got him an appointment and they said he had a viral infection AGAIN (he just had it a few weeks ago). He seemed to be feeling a little bit better when we got home so I decided to go into work for a few hours. I got home and put Josiah down for his afternoon nap. He slept for 2 1/2 hours and when he woke up he was extremely fussy and very hot. I checked his temp and it was 105.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I had a mild heart attack. My mom had just walked in the door so I gave Josiah to her and called the doctor's office and they told me to put him in the bath. I was determined that this wouldn't bring it down (I've heard of doing this, but I was a little freaked out about it being so high)but the lady talked me into it. So I got him in the tub and he cried the whole entire time. :( It did bring his temp down to 102. He started playing, laughing, and acting like he felt better! He still had a temp when he went down but we gave him some Motrin. Josiah usually falls asleep as soon as we put him in his crib but tonight he was crying so Josh is in there rocking him as I type this! Being a mom at times like this is very hard. It breaks my heart! I hope he feels better soon! I don't want him to go through that ever AGAIN.

Good night...I'm going to eat that bowl of ice cream I was talking about earlier.

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