Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park and House

I have had no time to post anything SORRY guys! Don't be too disappointed-- I have no pictures! :(

I haven't even sat on the computer in I don't know how long (well..I have at work ALL day long, but I haven't had time to play on my computer at home.) Josh is at a dinner meeting and I just got done eating dinner myself (8:05p.m.) I hate eating this late but what is a girl to do when she is home by herself with a little one?

Today has been a pretty good day! I got up and got ready and then played with Josiah for a little bit. I took him to his Grandpa Ray's (my uncle) and then headed into work around 8:30. I usually don't work past 2:30 but we were super busy. I got to my Uncle's to pick up Josiah at 4. I decided to do something different then just going back to the house (it gets old and Josiah has been throwing some major fits lately). I picked him up and we went straight to our new neighborhood to play at the park! Josiah had sooo much fun! :) It was a relief to just have some fun with my favorite little guy!

On other news......I went to our house and it is getting so close to being finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT wait! They have painted, put the kitchen and bathroom flooring down, put the cabinets up and are about to put the counter tops on! It looks absolutely beautiful! Only 24 more days or less!

I am going to sit down and do NOTHING for a few minutes before it's time to get ready for tomorrow! :)

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