Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to work

Friday night Josh and I went to Ono Island with a bunch of our friends! This is the first night we actually went off somewhere and left Josiah behind! I missed him a lot but we had such a good time! This is the back of the house that we stayed was gorgeous!
This was the view we looked at when we woke up.....I could definitely wake up to that every morning! We got up and rode the jet ski and had such a good time with our friends.

Josiah's aunt Wendi bought him a vacuum cleaner since he isn't aloud to play with the real one anymore. He loves it!

Josiah will just walk around "singing". It is the cutest thing ever...

I love him....

He also found this plastic container to play in.....

We had a wonderful weekend, but it went by way to quickly, especially when I had to be at work on Monday. My aunt offered me a temporary job at the school board for a few weeks. I will just be working part time. I haven't worked in a year and it was a little painful waking up at 5:45 this morning but I got off at 11:15 so I can't complain too much! It's a little extra cash that can go towards our house since we will be closing in hopefully a month!
I really enjoyed working today, but I missed Josiah so much! I wish I could be in two places at one time. I hate not contributed to our bank accountant but I love being home with Josiah. I would much rather be with Josiah so I will work part time for the next few weeks and go back to work when he starts school.

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