Monday, August 16, 2010

Josiah LOVES.......

Josiah is feeling better and I feel like the blog has been a little neglected. I decided to post a ton of pictures of the things Josiah loves.....
He loves.......
......The dogs. We have 2 dogs and mom and dad have 1 and Josiah loves to play with them. They do not always feel the same way, except when Josiah has food!


.....his "go" (wagon)

......his tonka cars

.....his big car

.....his cousins

....his truck

.....vacuuming with Granny! Is he spoiled or what? I wouldn't say he loves the vacuum more like he is OBSESSED with the vacuum. So much that we have to hide it in different places everyday. Sad I know! of my favorite. He is now starting to love his books!
Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I will post some pictures of our busy weekend later today!

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