Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Day #3

Saturday Josiah picked his number off the Advent Calendar and it said Go see SANTA!!!!  He was so excited!  We have been asking him for about a week if he was going to sit on Santa's lap and he kept telling us YES!  So we would ask him what he was going to tell him.  Saturday morning I had a brunch wedding shower for Jordan.  It was so cute!  While I was there Josh was taking Josiah to Lowes to find some stuff for a Christmas present.  When they got there a lady asked if they were there to build a train.  Josh didn't know anything about that but he decided it was perfect for him and Josiah to do.  Josiah loves trains and he loves tools so he had a blast. 

Here is Josiah at Lowes working on his train.  They are doing this for the next 3 weeks for the kids.  Josh has somewhere to go this Saturday so I will be taking him.  Josh swears it is easy..but we will see!!!

After Josiah's nap we headed to go see Santa at the Mall!  He had this cute shirt from Wendi that said Santa's little helper and had a tool belt on the bottom.  This was before we left our house. 

This was him in line waiting to sit on Santa's lap.  He was so excited!!!! 

I don't have the actual picture from him sitting on Santa's lap because we are using it on our Christmas cards but I will post it later!  He did really good!  He told Santa he wanted a fire truck. I thought he was going to cry for one second but then he was okay!  

After Santa we went over to Josh's Aunt Tammy's house and baked some goodies with her and Micah.   

Me and Micah...

Josiah and Micah...Can you tell he loves her?!

I'm hoping to get caught up with my post about the rest of the 4 days on our Calendar.  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.  I don't about where you are but it is quite chilly here today so we are staying inside!  Josiah is helping me clean and we are watching movies - his favorites right now that we watch over and over and over are Polar Express and Finding Nemo!!!

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