Thursday, December 29, 2011

Number 2

This is totally random...I've been meaning to write about this but I keep forgetting.  If you don't have children you may want to stop reading.  If you are about to have a child keep reading for your pleasure on what may or may not happen in the future. 

Are you still reading?  Just remember I warned you. 

Josiah loves McDonalds.  He asks numerous days of the week if he can go.  I tried to take him maybe once a week.  Well, it never fails every time we go he poops in the tunnels. (i told you, you should have stopped up there!)  I mean every time.  He can poop three times before we go and he still poops while we are there.  I mean seriously...its crazy.  I think if he is ever constipated I will take him there because it will definitely work like magic.  I'm not sure what it is but it never fails. 

We are potty training again...but thankfully I think we are successful. 

With that being said...I still put a diaper on him when we go because I'm afraid.  Afraid of what might happen if he doesn't have a diaper on. 

My mom has been off for the past week and a half and she has been keeping Josiah while I work.  Well, I don't think she got the memo.  You know the one,  put-a-diaper-on-Josiah-when-you-go-to-McDonalds memo.  Apparently he came down the slide and he had peed while he was in the tunnels.  So the awesome Granny that she is climbed up into the tubes to clean it.  Can you imagine a Granny crawling up the little stairs in the tunnels?  Wow it made me LOL.  Thank goodness it wasn't number two.  P.S.  My mom said the tunnels are absolutely disgusting. 

Sorry if you are still reading.  I just had to tell someone! 

Hoping to have time to post Christmas pictures soon but I am working on a Bachelorette party for Lindsay so it may be a little while!


Cassie said...

oh my gosh, that is hilarious!
I don't even want to know how nasty those tunnels are inside... yikes.

Nicole said...

I know! I sanitize his hands as soon as he comes out!! :)