Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!!  We sure did!  I will tell you all about it soon! 

We also have some very exciting news to share...more on that this week!!!!


Cassie said...

What a fantastic picture! I hope Sarah gives us a grin that big when she visits Santa next year.
Can't wait to hear about this exciting news...!

Nicole said...

I was worried how he would do! Last year I didn't take him because I knew he wouldn't do good!! Hope y'all had a great first Christmas with Sarah!!!

Heather Mahoney said...

What is up with that Santa? He does not look very "jolly" lol. But Josiah is absolutely adorable!

Nicole said...

Heather I was a little disappointed on Santa too! That is his one and only job and he can't smile! :) I didn't look at the pictures until we got home! I think a lot of peole were complaining about him.