Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day #9, #10, & #11

Day #9 - Watch a movie and eat popcorn!  We let Josiah pick out a movie and he decided to watch The Polar Express.  This is one of his favorite movies right now!  Josh eats popcorn with slices of cheese.  I know kinda weird, but its something his dad showed him and he showed Josiah that night!  I was surprised Josiah liked it but he told me it was his fave!

Day #10 - Go make the train at Lowes.  Josh had to help his brother with something on Saturday so I took Josiah to build his train!  It was actually really fun!  I can't wait till next Saturday, we finish up the train and Santa will be there!

Day #11 - We were supposed to go look at lights at one of the Church's here but I didn't realize they didn't do it on Sunday's so instead we called GaGa and Pop-pop to go look at Christmas lights around town!  Here we are hanging out in the car!

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