Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleeping and Hello Kitty

Josiah still dislikes sleeping in his room at night for some reason.  He has been doing a lot better, but he always asks us to come back in 2,478 times before he goes to bed.  This particular night he only asked us to come in there 2 times and then he was quiet.  I thought he was sleeping so I went back there to cover him up and this is what I found.  He had fallen asleep in the hallway.  It was so funny to me!!!  (sorry if you are a fb friend you already saw this!)

We went to Atlanta on Sunday to go to my doctor's appointment and Josiah does really good on the 6 hour drive.  We usually stop one time at McDonald's so he can play and stretch a little.  He got a Kids' Meal and he wanted the "kitty cat" toys.  I couldn't tell him NO so here he is playing with his girly McDonald's toys!  I don't blame him..who doesn't like Hello Kitty!? 

Another thing I realized when getting a Kids' Meal is that they now serve smaller fries (the packaging is too cute) and they also give apples!  I think that is such a great idea!!!!  Josiah loves french fries and apples so it is perfect for him! 

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