Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The other day I went to the Dollar Tree.  I haven't been there in forever and thought it would be fun to find some cute Christmas stuff!  I told Josiah we were going and he said YEAH!  My aunt asked him if he knew what they had at the Dollar Tree and he said, "Um...trees!"  The way he said it reminded me of a kid saying "trees, DUH!"

Josiah brought some stuff home from MDO the other day.  It was a picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  I asked Josiah who that was when I pointed to Jesus and he said, "baby Jesus!".  It made me and Josh so proud!  I love that he goes to MDO at a Church!

This one I'm not so proud of.  We were at Walmart last night and we were walking by some people.  There was a man that looking a little scary and Josiah said, "mom, me no like him".  I proceeded to tell him that he could think that but he shouldn't say it out loud because it wasn't nice.  Well..then we walked by a lady and he said, "mom, me no like HIM".  I was totally embarrassed.  I don't think she heard him but it still embarrassed me.  I know that won't be the last thing he does to embarrass me but I don't think I am ready for that yet!!! :)

I think I shared this one before but he still does it and I think it is funny.  We say our prayers every night and his is the same every night.  He says, "God is good, God is Great, thank you for food.  Amen" And he says it as loud as he can.  When we say the blessing at dinner we always say the one that says "God is good, God is Great, thank you for this food...."



AshleyS said...

Too funny- Presley embarrasses me ALL of the time. At the doctor the other day we went to the restroom and she was in my stall, she proceeds to kneel down and peak her head under the stall and look at the lady in the stall next to us... then the other day we were in a store and she was in her stroller and a lady was in front of us going slow and Pres said so loud, "Beep, Beep" Ahh, what are we going to do with there kids :)

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh...Josiah has done that before too! It isn't funny at the time, but when you look back you have to laugh!!! Unfortunately I think they will on embarrass us worse in the future! We will just have to share it with each other so we don't feel like we are the only ones!! :)