Monday, January 2, 2012


The other night we had a few friends over for NYE and we were all sitting around eating pizza.  Josiah stopped eating and said "mom, we forgot to say the blessing".  Nothing like a two year old putting you in your place!!!  He is the man!  So, we all stopped and said the blessing!

We have been talking a lot about baby Jesus around here since it was Christmas.  Well, once day I asked Josiah if he wanted a baby brother or sister one day.  He said "I want a baby Jesus!"

Today my mom and I were talking and I was about to say "shut the front door"  you know like the commercial says.  Well I didn't want Josiah to start saying it since he is Mr. Repeat these days so I said "close the front door."  He started saying "Shut the front door Granny, Shut the front door!"  It was too funny, but I think you had to be in the moment to realize how funny it was!

A few days before Christmas we were at Rachel's house baking with her family.  There were a few little girls 7-10 years old that played so good with Josiah.  He had so much fun!  Well, Christmas day Josiah went out to find his tree house that Santa brought him and he said the funniest thing.  It went something like this. "My girlfriends from Rachel's house come over and play in my tree house later?" 

Wait what?  Your girlfriends?

When did you start having girlfriends?  When did you start inviting them over to play in your tree house?

AND when did you start talking in sentences?

Please stop growing up so fast.  Can we have boys come play tag, and baseball, and football before you start having girlfriends over in your tree house?!!

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