Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 to 4 to 5 family members!!!!!!

Once upon a time there was a family of three. This family was about to adopt a sweet little girl in May/June which would make them a family of four! This family was so excited that couldn't believe it!b Well God had a little different script wrote for their lives and He blessed them with a number five member of their family! God really is amazing! I say that all the time I know! He has written our story and we are here on Earth trying to live by his ways. Keep reading to find out what God has in store for this family!

With that being said God has really been blessing us lately. As you all know we found out recently that we are going to adopt our sweet baby girl, Adalyn in May/June!!!!!!!!! We cannot wait for her arrival!! We are so blessed that we are able to experience this pregnancy! We get to go to doctor visits, see ultrasounds, and get details about our little angel! This is so special to us!

Since we are adopting in May we stopped being available to families at the agency we were going through. Since we were chosen by someone there was no reason to show our profiles to anyone. Well our plans are not the way to go...Gods plan is always the way.

The agency called us out of nowhere and said, we know y'all have already been chosen but we have a woman that is having a baby and we have no profiles to show her! She wants a semi-open adoption and the baby is bi-racial and we have no one to meet this criteria. I could NOT believe they had no one! I hung up with the counselor and I felt God tugging at my heart! I prayed and then talked to Josh. He said he felt the same way! We called the agency back to get more information because we knew nothing! I asked when the baby was due and she said "Wednesday"!!!!!! Oh wow!!!!!

We contacted Adalyn's birthmom and discussed it with her because she is our #1 priority and she was okay with it!

Did you get all that!? Whew!! We are having two babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we can't be more excited!! They are going to be best friends!! Oh all the pink we will have to mix in with the blue, trucks, and tools!!! I asked Josiah how many sisters he wanted and he said Five!!!!!! (we had just went to eat at Five Sisters downtown!!). I told him lets start with two and we will see about the rest!!

I have a lot to get done!! The birthmom goes to the doctor today to see if she will be induced tomorrow! Please keep everyone in your prayers!!!!

It is such a God thing!!!!


AshleyS said...

Nicole, I just got chill bumps reading this, and maybe a little teary eyed! I cannot wait to meet both precious girls! Please let me know what you need and what I can help with :) xoxo

Beth said...

OMG!!! So HAPPY for y'all!! :) WOO!!! :)

Cassie said...

Wow, what an amazing turn of events! I'm so excited for all 3, 4, and future 5 of you!
If you need any girl things let me know, we have a pink bouncer we never used and a few other things too.
Feel free to shoot me an email;

Carrie Louise said...

THIS IS SO AMAZING!! I am so happy for your family! God's plan is ALWAYS the best! :)

Heather said...

How awesome Nicole!!! God truly is amazing and those two little girls are blessed to have y'all for parents (and Josiah as a big brother)!!!

Nicole said...

Thank y'all!!! We feel so blessed and it feels good to have such a wonderful support system!!!!

michellelivingston said...

Oh wow!!! Congrats on both of your new baby girls :)