Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bachelorette Party Decorations

This past weekend 15 of us girls packed a ridiculous amount of cute clothes/shoes, tons off food, and headed to Destin to have a fun time for Lindsay's bachelorette party.  We arrived to our beautiful house around 4:00.  Broke out all of our decorations and started putting things together to get the house a more bachelorette feel.  Here are a few of the decorations.  I had a few more pictures on my phone...but my sweet, sweet husband bought me an iPhone while I was away and I forgot to upload those pictures before I set up my new phone. 

I got these cute cups and put everyone's first initial on them with the cricut and vinyl.  They turned out super cute!  I thought this was a good idea so everyone would have their own cup the whole weekend!

We had cute signs on the front door and Lindsay's bedroom door.  I also had water bottles with labels that matched the wedding invitations.  They were adorable!!!  I will post a few more pictures from the weekend and give you the low down on where we went and what we did. 

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