Monday, January 2, 2012

Homeade Christmas Gifts

I decided to get a little crafty for a few presents this year.  I found both of these on Pinterest and change them up to fit my mom and Josh.

For my mom's gift I got a canvas from Hobby Lobby and painted it off white.  I then used my handy-dandy Cricut and cut out brown and red vinyl.  I loved the way this turned out!!

I found this cute idea and loved it.  You could make it way cuter but I started running out of time! (me a procrastinator? never!)  I bought 2 deck of cards at Target for a $1.  I used some extra ribbon I had to tie all of the cards together after punching a whole in each one of them.  I printed off my 52 reasons I love you onto address labels that I already had and then put the labels on each card.  Very easy and cheap but Josh said it was his favorite gift ever!

I know most everyone has Pinterest these days but if you don't, you don't know what you are missing!  Go now...check it out!

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