Friday, January 20, 2012

Household Conversations

"Get those M&M's out of your nose" - Nicole

Josiah was crying the other night because he didn't want to go to sleep.  I say Josiah everything is okay just go to sleep now.  He said, "I can't mommy, I have tears all over my face." 

"Do NOT wipe your pee with your shirt, use toilet paper." - Nicole

"You eat your oatmeal and then it goes down your throat to your stomach and then it comes out as poo." A conversation I walked into between Josh and Josiah. 

Hearing Josiah tell the above conversation to a friend.  Hilarious.  Please Josiah don't tell that to a stranger...they may look at you a little wierd. 

Going through the drive thru the other day Josiah farted.  He said my booty stinks.  Josh pulls up to order our food and Josiah yells, "I FARTED!"  Oh boy, what have we created!!!!

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