Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Brother

One of my biggest fears about adding to our family is Josiah feeling left out!   I'm not sure how he will be with me holding a precious little one.  Well, that was until last night. 

We took food over to our friends' house, Laura and Stan.  They just had the most adorable twins, Lilah and Colin.  We visited with them and Josiah played with their older son, Garrett.  The babies woke up a little while after we got there and Josiah was so interested in them.  It was so sweet!  He wanted to hold Lilah!!  He would softly touch her head and then kiss her forehead.  IT MELTED MY HEART!!!!  And gave me baby fever!!!!!!  I seriously almost cried...but I didn't want to look crazy so i held it in! Can't wait for our sweet girl to be here and see Josiah be a great big brother!

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