Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Josh's Birthday continued......

Saturday night Josh and I decided to go over to Malbis to eat dinner. We ate at California Dreaming. It was awesome food, good atmosphere and a heck of a good time! We usually go out to eat somewhere that we have been 3879 times so it was nice to go somewhere new. We will be going back though since it was so good!
Here is a pic of us as a family before we left... Sunday we got up and hung around the house. As I have mentioned Josiah likes to play outside every waking moment. His favorite thing to play with is the hose.
It scares us because he gets so close to the pool so we are always right by him....

Josh was close to the pool....too close...and he fell in! HAHA!! I was going to help him but I had my camera in my hand and I couldn't take the chance of him pulling me in too! So he decided to stay in and let Josiah get in with him!
I heart this picture...
Sunday afternoon we went over to Josh's parent's house to celebrate Josh's birthday. We had a great BBQ and watched football! Too bad the Eagles lost! :( Oh well maybe next week!
Here is Josh, Josiah, Taylor and Samantha (our nieces)

I can never get a good pic of all three of them and this is the best one yet!

I know this cake doesn't look the greatest...but I have to admit it was delicious. I know what you are thinking...I made Josh a pink cake... Well strawberry is his all time favorite so I tried a new recipe that has real strawberries in it and I could have devoured the whole cake myself! (and I'm not even a big fan of strawberry cake!)

I am spending the rest of the week trying to pack for our little mini vacation to Georgia on Friday! I'm stressing out a little because we haven't traveled with Josiah since we moved back to Pensacola. It should be interesting. I can't wait to see everyone and enjoy a little away time!

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Beth said...

I bet that cake was YUM!! :) I have a great strawberry cake recipe that I make for my mom! It's her fav!! I'll send it to you in an email or on facebook!! :) Hope ya'll are doing great!!